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Sbattle of balls bluff casualtiesimportant battles

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C company, 41st NY Inntry, before the battle of Manassas August 28-30, 1862: Second Battle of Bull Run/Second Battle of Manassas Casualties: 22,180

House next to the Seven Pines battlefield May 31, 1862: Battle of Seven Pines Casualties: 13,736

Federal picket post shortly before the battle July 22, 1864: Battle of Atlanta Casualties: 12,140

Shermans troops removing ammunition from Ft. McAllister November - December, 1864: Shermans March to the Sea Casualties: Unknown

Confederate bodies ready for burial after Gettysburg, July 5, 1863 July 1-3, 1863: Battle of Gettysburg Casualties: 51,000

President Lincoln and General McClellan in Antietam, MD, October 3, 1862 September 17, 1862: Battle of Antietam Casualties: 23,100

Cannonball holes in a house near the battlefield, August 1862 August 9, 1862: Battle of Cedar Mountain Casualties: 2,707

Gun with the muzzle shot away. January 1865 January 13-15, 1865: Second Battle of Fort Fisher Casualties: 2,000

Ruins of a house in Bull Run, VA, 1862 July 21, 1861: First Battle of Bull Run/First Battle of Manassas Casualties: 4,700

The wreckage of the Battle of Nashville, December 16, 1864 December 15-16, 1864: Battle of Nashville Casualties: 6,602

Confederate soldier after Ewells Attack, May 19, 1864 May 8-21, 1864: Battle of Spotsylvania Courthouse Casualties: 30,000

Major General A.E. Burnside and staff after Cold Harbor May 31 - June 12, 1864: Battle of Cold Harbor Casualties: 15,500

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