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Sbattle ball board game26 Life-Size Versions of Popular Board

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Bastions Park in Geneva, Switzerland, has at least four grids painted onto the pavement, with corresponding sets of playing pieces for checkers or chess, whichever strikes the players ncy. Photo by Flickr usergringaespanola.

Everyones vorite board games get a whole lot more fun when theyre super-sized. (Also: the pieces are harder to lose.) Weve gathered up a collection of jumbo variations on classic board gamesif you think weve missed a good one, let us know in the comments!

The Giant Games in the Valley portion of the 2010Valley Fiestain Brisbane, Australia, also included this large version of Chinese checkers as well as the previously mentioned large Scrabble. Photo by Flickr user Michael Zimmer (zayzayem).

San Franciscos mously winding Lombard Street was turned into the biggest version of Candy Land ever to celebrate the childrens games 60th anniversary in ughing Squidhas more videos and photos.

Some players of the 70-year-old game may be surprised to learn that ew isnt already a word, especially considering thatScrabblerecognizes more than 100two-letter words, including hm (another expression), ai (a three-toed sloth), and za (slang for pizza). If played strategically and placed on a triple word square, ew can land you 15 pointsnot bad for two measly letters.

To FUG is to make something stuffy or odorous, but its adjective form (FUGGY) and past and present participles (FUGGED, FUGGING) will take care of any extraGs on the board.

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Amazingly enough, the Scrabble above was created from canned goods for the 2011Canstruction Vancouver, a canned food sculpture competition that raises money for theGreater Vancouver Food Bank Society. Photo by Flickr user Karen Neoh (karen_neoh).

The 2002Minnesota State Fairincluded a tented walk-able version of Monopoly. Photo byStephen A. Edwardsfrom hisCrazy Minnesota album.

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According to the officialScrabbledictionary, WELLY is an acceptable form of WELLIE, the Britishrainboots.

Emoji(noun): A small computer symbol used to express emotion

Not only will GHYLL, which is a deep ravine, utilize a double-letter, but it will help if your tile bar is sorely lacking in vowels.

The fourth (or fifth, if you count the Henri-Pierre Picou painting) Indian life-size chess board on our list is an amenity included withclub membershipatBest Western Resort Country Club, Gurgaonin New Delhi, India. Photo via the Best Western Resort Country Clubweb site.

Thispermanent installationinGuadalupe River Park, near theChildrens Discovery Museumin San Jose, CA, is the largest Monopoly game board in the world. Photo by Flickr userHarshLight.

Another double-double-letter word, a MAMMEE is species of tropical tree with large red fruit.

Literacy Aotearoa Wellington(LAW), a not-for-profit organization that provides free numeracy and literacy support to residents of Wellington (New Zealand), hosted a giant street game of Scrabble onWorld Literacy Day2010.

Craftster userKandeeCorner(and YouTube usereieioh1) created a garden based on the various iterations of the Candy Land game board. You canread about her projectin the Craftster boards.

Taj Exotica, another luxury hotel owned by the same company as the Jai Mahal Palace Hotel, is also home to a cool jumbo chess set. Photo by Flickr user Sean Ellis (s_w_ellis).

Pieces for the giant chess board at the Embarcadero in Morro Bay, CA, can be rented from the citysRecreation Department. Photo .

The last edition of theScrabbledictionarycame out in 2014and included 5000 new words, such as selfie, hashtag, geocache, and quinzhee.

NewScrabblewords must meet a few criteria before theyre added to the official dictionary. They must be two to eight letters long and already in a standard dictionary. Abbreviations, capitalized words, and words with hyphens or apostrophes are immediately ruled out.

Facepalm(verb): To cover the ce with the hand

TheMississippi Childrens Museumboasts a Hasbro-official giant Scrabble. In the photo above, some members of the Navy ham it up at the museum for Mississippi Navy Week. Photo from the Mississippi Childrens MuseumsFacebook albumof Mississippi Navy Week.

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If youre having a HELLUVA time getting rid of a few letters, this nonstandard combination word is actuallyScrabble-approved.

GRAAL is an older form of the word GRAIL, but its also a technique used in glassblowing.

Peter Sokolowski, editor at large at Merriam-Webster, toldEntertainment Weekly, For a living language, the only constant is change. New dictionary entries reflect our language and our culture, including rich sources of new words such as communication technology and food terms from foreign languages.

I was surprised there werent more life-size versions of the candy-themed game, but the quality of these two jumbo versions makes up for the lack of other variations.

They must really love chess in India, because a third life-size chess set resides at theBrindavan Gardensin Krishna Raja Sagara, India. Photo by Flickr userlucy like whoa.

The grounds ofthis luxury hotelin Jaipur, India, include an amazing carved life-size chess set. Photo by Flickr usersquinting.

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Yahoo!s Burbank, CA, campusincludes this giant courtyard chess set surrounded by flowers. Photo by Flickr user Konrad Summers (tkksummers).

A BRATTICE now means a heavy curtain or barrier in a mine to help direct air flow, though the medieval meaning was simply a temporary partition along a wall.

TorontosKensington Markethas Pedestrian Sundays, during which this giant homemade version of Scrabble was available to play. Photo by Ish & Jen .

A TIPPET is a covering for the shoulders, or a ceremonial scarf worn by clergy.

The bestScrabbleplayers are the strategic ones who keep adding words to their player vocabulary. Once youve mastered a number oftwo-letter wordsand thehigh-scoring ones(that are admittedly very difficult to play), start looking to double-letter words to take advantage of the multiples on your tile rack.

No, notScrabble. SCABBLE means to shape roughly.

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INNAGE is the quantity of goods remaining in a container when received after shipment.

Youre surely prepared with PIGGY, PIGGIE, and PIGGISH, but a PIGGERY is a pigpen.

Julie, who writes the blogJules Journal, and her mily created this jumbo version of Battleship for an event at their church. Photo viaJules Journal.

Odessa Designcreated a giant (yet portable) version of theRoyal Game of Urfor the British Museum to celebrate the press launch of Photo fromOdessa Design.

The new words will be published in the sixth edition ofMerriam-Websters The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary, which will be released this ll,according to Mashable.

A PERRON can refer to both large outdoor stairways or the stone platforms of certain columns and edifices.

Henri-Pierre Picous 1876 painting,Jeu dEchecs Indien, depicts a human chess game in India. Unfortunately, we cant find much more information about it, although there are an awful lot of sites offering reproductions. Image viaWikimedia Commons.

The nciest of all horse training and equestrian events, DRESSAGE is the obedience and discipline riding competition, rather than the racing.

A MOGGY or MOGGIES (plural) is the cat equivalent of a mutt.

Dont have anIfor IGLOO? Use anAfor AGLOO, meaning an air hole through the ice made by a seal.

A quick word to tack onto some common board letters, an OLLA is a wide-mouthed pot or jar.

Rather than BETA, use that extraTto mean the freshwater fish.

A TYPP (or TYPPS, plural) is a unit of yarn size. Its an acronym for thousand yards per pound.

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The VALLUM was part of the defensive wall of earth and stone surrounding Roman camps.

This human-chess game took place in Monselice, Italy, and was photographed by Wikimedia Commons userZyance.

The Giant Games in the Valley portion of the 2010Valley Fiestain Brisbane, Australia, boasted this colorful version of the word game. Photo by Flickr user Michael Zimmer (zayzayem).

Score extra points with a well-placeQ. A QUASSIA is another tropical tree whose bitter bark is sometimes used as a digestive aid or an insecticide.

Instead of an ALLEY, use this double-double-lettered word meaning a tree-lined walkway.

Scrabbleaficionados and wordsmiths around the world will soon have some new reading material to bone up on. In celebration of NationalScrabbleDay today, the makers of the classic word game announced that 300 new words will be added toScrabbles official dictionary.

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This amazing life-size game of Mousetrap was created byMark Perez and companyforMaker Faire2007. To see more of the game, check out Nathan Bennetts (mostly) night-timephotos.

Dont have anAfor HEALER? A HEELER is a person who puts heels on shoes (as well as an Australian cattledog).

While this version isnt playable, its size earns it a place on this list. Gracing a building atToy Story Mania!in Pixar Place at Disneys Hollywood Studios is a folded Scrabble board being hoisted by Army men. Photo by Flickr userBeau B.

Americas vorite word game is also one of the most popular games to get the life-size treatment.

Origins Game Fair2010 hosted the first life-size rendition ofOut of the Box GamesWord on the Street.

Macaron(noun): A cookie with filling in the middle

These life-sized versions of Monopoly arentquitethe size of the real locations named on the popular games board, but theyre still a lot bigger than the table-top version!

To attract attention for theirPass GO! Collect $200promotion,Ballysand Hasbro created a jumbo Monopoly game on the boardwalk outside the Atlantic City casino. More information about the game and promotion atPress of Atlantic City. Photo from sAtlantic City Central blog.

26 jumbo versions of our vorite board games not enough for you? Dont worry, were not stopping the fun. Head over to ourPopular Games, Super-Sized boardon Pinterest for more giant games around the world. And if youve seen a good one, let us know in the comments and well add it to the board.

While WEEPY is an adjective for tending to weep, a WEEPIE is a very maudlin movie.

To decisively defeat someone or trounce them is to LARRUP.

Giant chess games can be divided into two categories: human chess, in which people are the pieces, and super-sized chess, in which jumbo versions of the traditional pieces are used.

©2018 Mental Floss, Inc. All rights reserved. Mental Floss® is a registered trademark owned by Felix Dennis. m is a trademark owned by Felix Dennis.

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OUTTELL, OUTTELLS, and OUTTELLING all refer to speaking out or declaring something openly.

On G4s Attack of the Show, Kevin Pereira, Candace Bailey, and Gillian Jacobs played a life-sized G4 version of the buzzing medical game. Check out the photos onAttack of the Blog.

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