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SBakugan (game

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Bakugan is also the title of the game based on the Anime series, developed by Sega Toys andSpin Master.

The current version of the official rules can be downloaded from the official site[1].

The BakuPearl series has larger sized B2 Bakugan, with higher G-Power ratings.

Silver, Alexandra.Bakugan Battle Brawlers - 2008 American International Toy Fair.

Expansion set for Series 1. They are bigger than normal Bakugan, 325.

The game developed by Sega Toys and Spin Master and released in conjunction with the Anime series. The game uses metal cards and magnetic spring-loaded miniature figures, representing theBakugan. The objective of the game is to capture three of the opponentsGate Cards(4 battles).[1]Battle is engaged when rolled Bakugan magnetically pop open on the same Gate Card.G-Powerfrom the Bakugan,Ability Cards(at players option), and Gate Card are summed to determine the battles winner.

The original version of the game (released 2006). In Series 1, victory is achieved by accumulating a varying number of HSP - Holo-Sector Points. Series 1 included more types of cards, includingnormal cards(the most basic of all the Gate Cards),Character CardsCommand Cardsand Ability Cards (series 1).

Series 2 introduced (released 2008) a new set of rules. A major difference is that the victory condition is now simply winning three Gate Cards. Some Series 1 Gate Cards are over-powered compared to Series 2, but the Bakugan work equally well with either rules.

In the ,Bakugans rules were first invented byDan KusoandShun Kazami.

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