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SBattle of Secessionville

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Map of Secessionville Battlefield core and study areas by theAmerican Battlefield Protection Program.

Yet, the Union advances were not over. On the other side of the marsh to the north was a piece of land the 3rd New Hampshire under Lt. Col. John H. Jackson, supported by Maj. Edwin Metcalfs 3rd Rhode Island Heavy Artilley, used to advance upon the right flank of Tower Battery. However, - yards of marsh prevented any Union advance upon the forts defenders, while Confederate batteries to the north fired into their backs. By then, the 4th Louisiana had advanced to the forts defense. Additionally, the Eutaw Battalion had advanced to the 24th South Carolinas east-west picket line off the Battery Island Road, in a heavy thicket north of the Unions 3rd Rhode Island and 3rd New Hampshire. The 3rd New Hampshire were now encircled in a ring of fire, forcing their retreat back to the west, while the 3rd Rhode Island, who had advanced upon the Confederate thicket to the north, were also forced to retreat.2:65,166,219239

The defenders of Charleston had laidbreastworksacross the 125 yard wide peninsula separatingFolly IslandfromMorris Island. This Seccessionville work was referred to as the Tower Battery, because of its reconnaissance platform. Thomas G. Lamar was in command of the battery, while Brig. Gen.States Rights Gistwas in overall command of James Island. The battery included aColumbiad, two 24-lbrifled artillerypieces, and several 18-lb guns, all manned by 500 men. Secessionville itself consisted of a few summer homes belonging to the James Island planters.12:3335,-,259

James Island defenses consisted ofFort Pembertonon the west along the Stono River south of Wappoo Creek, extending southwards to the Tower Battery, and back up to Fort Johnson to the east along theCharleston Harbor. Confederate troops manning the defenses included the24th South Carolina Inntry Regimentunder the command of Col.Clement H. Stevens, the Charleston Battalion (1st South Carolina Battalion) under the command of Lt. Col.Peter Charles Gaillard, Thomas Lamars 1st Battalion of South Carolina Artillery, the Eutaw Battalion under the command of Lt. Col. Simonton, the Palmetto Battalion under the command of Maj. E. B. White, the 2nd Battalion of South Carolina Artillery under the command of Maj. J. W. Brown, Co. D of the 3rd Battalion South Carolina Cavalry, and the Macbeth Light Artillery. They were joined by the 4th Louisiana Battalion under the command of Lt. Col. John McEnery, thePee DeeBattalion (9th South Carolina Battalion) under the command of Lt. Col. Alexander D. Smith, and the 22nd South Carolina.2:20,30,5758,105,144,-

At about 4:30a.m. on June 16, the Northern troops attacked the Confederate fort at Secessionville where Colonel Thomas G. Lamar commanded about 500 men who had a number of very heavy artillery guns and a good field of fire. Marshy terrain to the north and south would constrict any Union advance. In the lead was the 8th Michigan and behind them was the 7th Connecticut and the 28th Massachusetts. The 8th Michigan were mowed down in swaths from a shower of musket balls and discharges of grape and canister from the Confederate cannon, according to one Union officer. Yet, some of the Union inntrymen made it into the fort fighting the Confederate artillerymen hand to hand before Confederate inntry reinforcements arrived to help Lamars decimated men. These were Lt. Col. Alexander D. Smiths 9th South Carolina Battalion, up from Secessionville. Lt. Col. Peter Gaillards Charleston Battalion soon followed and the battle became a rifle match along the battery wall and swamp lines. Lt. Col. Joseph Hawleys 7th Connecticuts advance halted when their left flank became mired in the marsh mud and their right received canister and grape. The 28th Massachusetts followed the 7th into the same mire and both regiments became intermingled as the Confederates continued to shoot and shell the confused mass of men. In the meantime, Lt. Col. John McEnerys 4th Louisiana Battalion advanced to reinforce Lamars garrison, while Simontons Eutaw Battalion advanced along Battery Island Road to ce the Union left flank.2:170,176-,192,196,200,207,243,2591

On June 14, Brig. Gen.Nathan Shanks Evansarrived with two regiments and took command of Confederate forces. For the next two days, the Federal and Confederate batteries exchanged fire. Capt. Joshua Jamisons 100-man detachment from the 22nd South Carolina joined the battery on the morning of the 16th.2:-,-,171

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. De Capo Press. pp.59, 63, 68, 102, 109, 208, 243.ISBN

Battles of the Lower Seaboard Theater and Gulf Approach of the American Civil War

In early June 1862, Uniontransported the Union divisions ondIsaac I. Stevens, under the immediate direction of Brig. Gen.Henry Benham, toJames Island, where they entrenched at Grimballs Landing near the southern flank of theConfederatedefenses. Benham landed 6,600 men from the3rd New Hampshire8th Michigan Inntry7th Connecticut Inntry28th Massachusetts100th Pennsylvania Inntry46th New York Volunteer Inntry3rd Rhode Island Heavy Artillery, and79th New York Highlanderson the southeastern end of James Island, and marched toward Charleston.2

List of Union Civil War monuments and memorials

The importance of Charleston to the Confederate cause, after the Union implemented theirAnaconda Plan, can be summarized in the words of Gen. Robert E. Lee, The loss of Charleston would cut us off almost entirely from communications with the rest of the world and close the only channel through which we can expect to get supplies from abroad, now almost our only dependence. After theBattle of Port Royal, the Union planned an expedition against Charleston, capturingEdistoandJohns Island, and by June 2, they had 20 vessels in theStono Inlet. Union troops on Edisto moved toSeabrooks Island, then across Johns Island to Legareville and onto James Island at the Thomas Grimball plantation.1

Fort Sumter National Monument marker of the Map of Charleston Harbor defenses showing Secessionville in the lower left

. Campbell, CA: Savas Publishing Company, 1996.

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List of memorials to the Grand Army of the Republic

A Union battery, the 1st Connecticut under Capt. Alfred P. Rockwell, finally started firing on the Confederate garrison as the Highlanders of the 79th New York under Lt. Col. David Morrison advanced. Confederate artillery fire forced the 79th to the right flank of the fort where they joined the remnants of the 8th Michigan. The 79th mounted the top of Tower Battery and went over the wall. In the end however, they were repulsed, as had the 8th Michigan before them, when reinforcements iled to appear. The 100th Pennsylvania Roundheads, under the command of Maj. David Leckey, tried to support the Highlanders, but their attack stalled as did the previous ones with Confederate canister and grape. Col. Rudolph Rosas 46th New York tried to line up on the 100ths left, but some retreated with the fleeing Irish 28th Massachusetts and the 7th Connecticut, while the remainder received Confederate canister. Finally, Col. Daniel Leisure ordered a general retreat. Isaac Stevens ordered the 28th Massachusetts, 100th Pennsylvania, 46th New York, 8th Michigan, 79th New York, and the 7th Connecticut to retreat back towards the hedges. The attack had lasted less than 45 minutes.2:192,197213,217,243,2591

This article incorporatespublic domain materialfrom theNational Park ServicedocumentBattle of Secessionville.

Removal of Confederate monuments and memorials

Battles of the American Civil War in South Carolina

On 26 Jan. 1863,Judge Advocate General of the United States ArmyGen.Joseph Holtdecided Benhams attack was justified and was not prohibited by the 10 June directive. However, Benham would never again be given a field command.2:297

Hunter relieved Benham of his command for disobedience, citing the 10 June directive forbidding an attack on Charleston or Fort Johnson, and placed under arrest. On 27 June, Hunter ordered the abandonment of James Island and by 7 July, all Union forces were gone.2:280281,288,291

) was fought on June 16, 1862, during theAmerican Civil WarConfederateforces defeated theUnionsonly attempt to captureCharleston, South Carolina, by land.

Confederate States Presidential Election of 1861

Thomas Lamar was hailed as The Hero of Secessionville. While Benham feared further casualties amongst his six shattered regiments after three assaults, and declared the battle a reconnaissance in force.2:224,252

Confederate victories of the American Civil War

On June 10, Gen.John C. Pembertonsent the1st South Carolina Rifle Regimentand the 4th Louisiana Battalion, under the command of Col.Hagood, supported by the47th Georgia Volunteer Inntryunder the command of Col. Gilbert W.M. Williams, to Grimballs plantation. His intent was to establish a Confederate battery in opposition to the Union gunboats. However, the47th New York Volunteer Inntry45th Pennsylvania Inntry, and the97th Pennsylvania Inntryput up an effective defense and the Confederates were repulsed.12:127-

Wikipedia articles incorporating text from the National Park Service

. Columbia: University of South Carolina Press. pp.98114.ISBN

Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the U.S.

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