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Sblustone animeblue stone gem

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Crystals: Blue Calcite, Amazonite & Blue Lace Agate

This gives it the title the Stone of Truth, allowing the wearer to be truly and wholly themselves.

So, I guess this is something I should share. My miliar, Henry Waffles, has his own jar of gems. Sometimes he will jump up, sit in his spot in the altar, and watch me work; then he will put a paw down on a gem and keep it there, and that is how we pick them. He is most attached to the obsidian and aquamarine, but he has a soft spot for jasper too.

With that in mind, it is perfect for those who are suffering with depression, boredom or are going stircrazy from their routine.

We also have a special spell we do together too, so I will post that here too!

I happened to catch a glimpse of this celestite at a local mineral show and instantly fell in love with the frosted appearance of the crystals. I keep telling myselfno more celestite, yet here we are!

One of the sketches i wanted to finish. I really want more Pearls on the show, they have very interesting designs.

all of you are gemsss

If possible to do without waking the miliar, pet or kiss them on the forhead.

Second, whisper May ______ (miliars name)s soft paws bring comfort and peace into my home. May their dreams be full of love and happiness.

Crystals for the water element: quartz, aqua aura quartz, and blue flourite.

Henry Waffles comforting home spell

With the reveal of Emerald, I noticed that every birthstone gem now exists in the shows canon. Heres a handy chart for anyone looking to find their patron Gem.

Vishuddha means purification and is the fifth plane of awareness. The Throat Chakra is concerned with expression; the gift of being heard and understood. It helps to also speak and receive the truth.

Emeralds beautiful luscious energies invoke in its wearer with a sense of freshness and vitality, encouraging them to seek new experiences, reconnect with those that have been neglected and actually live instead of just exist.

First, make sure your miliar is sleeping. Take calming gems (we usually use rose quartz, anyolite, amethyst, and moonstone) and kiss each one before placing it in a pattern on your miliar.

gems chosen by your miliar or your own gems

082117 I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THE ECLIPSE ive got my camera and glasses ready i know im posting the second week of august and i havent even posted my monthly but i dont feel like taking pics of my month yet ill take some next week when august ends

Emerald is an excellent reviving stone; this means that it is beneficial for people who need to reinvigorate their life somehow (relationships, jobs, friends etc) after feeling it has become stagnant.

It also promotes emotional healing and supports one in times of disappointment or being lost.

This stone is a compulsory one for those who have found that a long term relationship (be it romantic, friendly or one with the self) has gradually come to a halt and they have been left on their own after a long time of having a support: it allows them to rediscover themselves and create a life that is entirely theirs.

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