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Sblustone reviewBluestone Wales Smokey Joes Shindig Review a

2018-05-01 01:26 Source:6KGM.COM Edit:admin

Bluestone Wales Smokey Joes Shindig Review at CampSmokey

We loved Camp Smokey and the food was amazing. Sadly we went in the daytime so didnt get to see the band

I love Camp Smokey! I adore Bluestone but this is hands down my vourite part of it. There is such an amazing atmosphere here. It looks like you had the best time at the Shindig! x

Hi there! My name is Bella. Welcome to my little blog. Its written in my own ir hand at night mainly from my room. I am a five year old that blogs. *yes you read that correctly* My mummy, Dawn, proofreads at night and keeps me in check! My daddy occasionally chips in as well. We hope you enjoy reading about our adventures in the South of England and our reviews. You can now catch us on YouTubewhat have we let ourselves in for!

It was a fun couple of hours and we made friends with the mily who we shared a table with. Mumford & Sons and Ed Sheehan renditions were beautifully sung by the talented band. The entertainment was ultless and really made the perfect mily night, it actually made my mummy a bit emotional that it was such a perfect ending to a wonderful long overdue holiday. Its just a shame the shindig didnt last longer as spirits were high and it would have been great to have the option of hearing a story by the campfire or listen to the owls at night. However we did get to toast our marshmallows before we left and they tasted divine! We all left with big smiles on our ces and yummy food in our bellies. The walk back up the steep ravine was a leisurely stroll as we whispered goodbye to a perfect day.

Hi, Bluestone and camp Smokey looks great. Price seems to have increased a lot since your review, when I went to book it is 14.95 for a child and 18.95 for an adult. Seems quite high.

This looks lovely! Ive heard so many great things about Bluestone!

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Watch the action here trust us you are gonna want to see this!

I love how peaceful it looks here. I cant wait to go somewhere like this when my daughter is a little older.

this looks absolutely wonderful and i know my little ones would love this , i need t check this out

What an adventure you had and that food looks very yummy

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