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Smail order perennial nurseries50 best plant nurseries in the

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A plant lovers paradise packed with 3000 interesting plants, some of them very rare. Give yourself plenty of time to explore the range for youll find plants here that arent generally available elsewhere.

Husband and wife Christine and Nic Ffoulkes-Jones, also Pershore students, began this nursery almost thirty years ago. An environmentally run nursery, using peat-free-compost, they won a Chelsea Gold in 2010 for a quiet display of shade plants -o ne of 46 RHS golds. They know their plants and only grow the best.

Family run nursery in rural Warwickshire specialising in ferns, pelargoniums, ivies and tender plants. A working nursery with two Plant Heritage collections - pelargoniums and Hedera ( ivy) but also the best fern nursery for hardy ferns. Expert advice freely given.

Mail order available September to May inclusive

Initially set up to grow trees for the Duchy Estate so and trees and shrubs still play a huge part here. Over 2500 plants are stocked and 50% of plants sold here are propagated on site. The three real specialities are conifers, fuchsias and camellias, but there are excellent ranges of bamboos, magnolias, fruit and perennials. Stylish cafe, gift shop and wooded walks too.

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Louisa Arbuthnotts one man band offers such unusual plants, grown by own hands, and most of them can be seen in the garden adjacent to the nursery. Once the nursery closes Louisa takes off to r flung nurseries, such as Cally gardens, so her stock is up to the minute and hugely interesting.

Anne Barnard and husband Jack travel to Holland to source new varieties of spring-flowering bulbs and summer-flowering bulbous and tuberous plants. Garden varieties of dahlia are their speciality and they have popularised varieties such as Waltzing Mathilda - a dark-leafed orange whirligig. Theres an attractive website, swift and efficient mail order and prices are affordable.Mail order availableBay Tree FarmEpping Green

Billy Carruthers is mad about peonies and has over 300 on the nursery. In recent years hes exhibited them at the Chelsea Flower Show. However theyre just the tip of the iceberg for this nursery, midway between Glasgow and Edinburgh, grows 3000 different plants including irises, bamboos, grasses and ferns.

There are two Great Greens - so do check the postcode. Roger Harveys nursery is one of the best places to acquire named snowdrops and other woodlanders including epimediums, erythroniums, wood anemones and trilliums. Theres a cafe if you visit personally and theres also a garden design service.

This three-acre working nursery stocks over 2000 varieties of garden plants and although there is a sales area the best thing to do is wander through the beds and tunnels -where treasures lie. The range is immense with many plants coming from well-know raisers of the past such as Eric Smith etc.

Dr Andrew Ward, who does lecture as well, has a garden and nursery full of interesting perennials and bulbs. Woodlanders, hardy chrysanthemums, trilliums, grasses and hemerocallis are featured heavily.

Bob Browns nursery, ably run by manager Mandy, comes up with surprises every time. Specialities include kniphofias, crocosmias and unusual bulbous plants. Informative website, regular plant talks and display garden (on horrible clay) that shines from spring until late autumn.

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Rupert Elys nursery and 20 acre garden and arboretum at East Bergholt Place carries a huge range of plants mainly bought in from top suppliers in Britain and on the Continent. Specialities include a huge range of Japanese acers, magnolias and many cornus and there is a Plant Heritage collection of euonymus. Herbaceous plants also feature heavily.

Paul Barneys working, no-frills nursery is in an old walled garden. The nursery name, an academic way of saying edible, reflects part of his range which includes unusual Asian plants etc. Umbels also feature heavily and there are plants here that you cant find elsewhere because Paul collects himself. Snowdrops are also available: hes now offering 200 this year!

William Dysons nursery, attached to Great Comp Garden, specialises in salvias propagated on the nursery. However there are always other interesting plants here too and Great Comp Garden, which William also looks after, is always goos but especially so from late-summer onwards.

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A fruit specialist offering 600 varieties of every type of fruit and some nut trees. Good pictures, information about pollination groups, sterility and root stocks etc. Many varieties offered in different forms.

Such a photogenic place, with display gardens to inspire. The well-grown plants have to be easy and irly slug proof and the range of grasses and perennials is particularly suited to naturalistic, prairie style. Hellebores and hardy geraniums also excellent.

The best range of fruit trees and bushes, expertly packed and well-grown -many on the estate. Expert help available too and an informative website. Rootstocks, AGMS etc clearly displayed bu the variety.

Always a challenge because most gardeners, even experienced ones, find that they dont know many of the plants here! After all many were personally collected by Sue and Bleddyn Wynn-Jones, from some r flung part of Asia, so they are Crug specialities. Shade plants feature heavily as do magnolias and acers. Plant Heritage collections of coriaria, paris and polygonatum.

Graham Gough, a man with a musical background, now creates crescendos with flowing grasses and tall perennials in his downland garden instead - cursed by heavy clay. Specialities include taller grasses and his list of miscanthus and molinias, inspired by an early visit to Ernst Pagels German nursery, is the best I know. Sanguisorbas, asters, veronicastrums and much much more - take plenty of money!

Wondering where to go to buy interesting plants in the UK? Garden expertselects some of the nations finest nurseries.

A place of pilgrimage for plant lovers because Michael Wickenden, plant collector and nurseryman, has an unusual range of perennials to die for. Crocosmias, perennial impatiens, irises, meconopsis, salvias and veratrums are among his treasures, some wild-collected.

Thousands of different hardy trees, shrubs, herbaceous perennials, roses, conifers, fruit, climbers, ferns and grasses, most produced on site. Exceptional plant quality and range but you will have to visit. Good numbers of oak, maple, birch, beech, sorbus, magnolia, witch hazel, hundreds of shrubs and over 1000 herbaceous plants.

There are over sixty troughs, a trough garden, raised beds and a half acre of woodland garden as well as four-acre woodland garden thats being renovated, so plenty to see on this immaculate nursery. Specialities include Japanese hepaticas, cypripediums (slipper orchids), gentians, primulas, meconopsis and trilliums, generally plants that enjoy the cool Scottish sea-frets. Excellent website.

Set up by the late Peter Beales who spent a lifetime collecting roses, this nursery grows 12000 varieties, with 300 only available here - reflecting Peters passion. Plant centre open daily, with tea room. Bare root roses dispatched in late-autumn and winter. Container-grown roses also available. Good range of clematis. Informative website and expert staff.

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Gardens Illustrated RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2018 Sarah Price

This mily-run lakeland nursery, set in a walled garden, sells the widest range of Barnhaven and Cowichan primulas. Other specialities include herbaceous peonies and Itoh hybrids, although they have a full range of good perennials too. Plants can be taken for collection to the larger shows they visit.

A full range of shade-loving perennials, grasses and ferns grown by expert plantsman. Lots of information, including dry shade plants, on the website and the best packed mail order ever.

Peter Stott started this nursery in 1985, frustrated by a lack of suitable plants for his landscaping commissions, and thirty years on its packed with rare and unusual garden plants so much so that if youre looking for something its probably here in this beautifully presented nursery. Old-shioned roses, bamboos, acers, and cornus for sale and also planted in the garden.

Conveniently close to the M5, Nick Macers Pan Global is well-named for this well-travelled nurseryman turns plant hunter in the winter months. Consequently Pan Global lists new plants that no one has as yet. His range is wide, from trees to shrubs, from bamboos to bulbs and there are exotic plants from r flung places. Irresistible!

Sand blows along the lanes close to this Suffolk nursery near Southwold, but its perfect for irises, hardy chrysanthemums and agapanthus - just three of the specialisms. Auriculas and pelargoniums also feature heavily, but there are lots of other plants too. Iris field open from end of May to mid-June and display garden open between April and October for theNational Gardens Scheme.

Exotic plants with presence sum up the plants here and specialities include bamboos rated for hardiness with a traffic lights system, seaside plants, spikies such as agaves and yuccas, topiary and rare evergreen broadleaved trees. Large range of pots too.

Mail order specialist - not open to the public

Plant Heritage collections of wood anemone, sanguisorba and New England aster plus a huge range of perennials mostly propagated on this pin-neat nursery. The well-labelled display garden is inspirational.

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Family run nursery with an emphasis on asters, late-season perennials and some alpines. Their Plant Heritage collection of asters, many rescued by Paul Picton, is second to none. Daughter Helen introduced mail order, but the display garden is ntastic - so do visit.

Once the largest nursery in the world, Kelways are best known for irises and peonies which are sold bare-root and potted. Visit in June and its possible to go to Peony Valley, or visit the Garden Centre which now has a cafe. Large range of plants available for mail order including clematis and plants for pollinators.

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Ray Hubbard, the nurserys founder, loves all plants and if theyre slightly tender he loves them even more. In all there are 3000 plants on the nursery, including shrubs, perennials, fruit and ferns, mostly propagated here. Sparrows hop in and out of the greenhouses on this working nursery, but there is a tea room in high season and a huge range of plants. You will need time and theres a garden too.

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This nursery, run by Sean Walter and Roger Pounder, combines garden landscaping with superb plants at the forefront of garden design. Sanguisorbas, lots of stylish grasses, heleniums, echinaceas and veronicastrums (and so much more) beautifully displayed on this immaculate nursery.

Wondering where to go to buy interesting plants in the UK? Garden expert Val Bourne selects 50 of the nations finest nurseries.

This third generation clematis nursery, which regularly scoops Gold at the Chelsea Flower Show, sells 350 of the best clematis known. They also introduce new clematis bred in Poland, Japan and Holland and also sell patio clematis -sometimes raised by Raymond Evison. First-rate mail order plants and a useful website that subdivdes clematis according to type etc.

Claire Austins nursery has now settled down and the peonies, hemerocallis and irises (all specialities) have been replanted in the fields. Peonies are sold bare-root from October, some ninety cultivars, but Claire also sells easily grown garden perennials and collections - such as for clay soil.

Although masquerading as a garden centre, with an excellent restaurant and gift shop, this is an immaculate plantsmans nursery full of treasures admired by owner John Massey. Strengths are hellebores, hepaticas, salvias and winter-flowering shrubs. Johns garden is open on occasion too.

This mail order only nursery is run by Penny Dawson, the daughter of Hugh Nunn who raised the Harvingtom strain of hellebores, triliums and erythroniums. There are plug plants, mature plants in pots and rhizomes for sale, all seed-raised on the nursery - well-grown and well-bred.

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Burncoose, who specialise in acid-loving magnolias, camellias and rhododendrons, also stock a wide range of other plants including herbaceous and conservatory plants. A plant Mecca, it lists 3500 different species and cultivars. Cafe welcoming.

Now hosta specialists with a Plant Heritage Collection, this nursery was a market garden until the Great Hurricane of October 1987 destroyed their polytunnels. There are now 2000 hostas here, often available in small quantities, and this friendly nursery are amenable to dividing parent plants for keen collectors.

Celebrating 25 years of Gardens Illustrated - with editor Lucy Bellamys book

This husband and wife team, Liam and Ylva, combine plantsmanship with garden design so this beautiful nursery has style and theres a garden design service run by Ylva. The range, containing woody and herbaceous, is unusual with a large range of eryngiums, colletia and shrubs. Ian also sells conifers. A cafe and collection of gardening books will make this a very special trip.

Over a hundred years old, this mily-run traditional nursery carries a huge range, some 16000plants, including field-grown roses, fruit trees, shrubs and ornamental trees. Their bare-root plants are well-grown and arrive in excellent condition. Fruit of every type ( bush, standard and maiden for instance) can be acquired and many are heritage varieties. They also hold the Plant heritage collection of erythronium and sell the best range in the country.

Martin and Janet Blows specialities include heleniums, phloxes, monardas, centaureas, geums, persicarias and hemerocallis. All plants are traditionally propagated on the nursery so they are full of vigour and soon romp away. Plant Heritage collections of heleniums and centaurea and they attends lots of plant irs where plants can be collected.

Derry Watkins exudes energy and her nursery is just as busy, packed with good plants that include tender perennials such as pelargonium and salvia. A good range of interesting hardy perennials and an excellent seed list also tempt the buyer. Derry runs practical courses and opens her garden -please check the dates - and she attends all the best plant irs.

Rosy Hardy, known for her stunning displays of perennials at flower shows, grows in peat-free compost in outdoor conditions and the plant respond so you may pay more but theyre great plants. Strengths include geraniums, peonies, geums and achilleas and they will advise too.

Plants have to be hardy in Northumberland, so everything grown in this Victorian walled garden will thrive. Specialities include eryngiums, geums, hardy geraniums and potentillas. there are well-labelled borders, full of choice plants, and tea in the bothy.

Staff writer Alys Hurn chats with garden designer Sarah Price to find out a little bit more about her Mediterranean-inspired garden for show sponsors...

Please check all opening details before visiting those nurseries that are open to the public.

Whether you are looking at redesigning your garden or tracking down new plants to bring a border to life, you can find solutions here...

Choice trees and shrubs, selected by RHS Woody Panel member Robert Vernon, are the main re. Many grow in the nine acre arboretum planted by Robert and specialities include acer, betula, cornus, liquidamber and tilia. Just off the M1.

Stephen and Emma Lewis-Dale, both Pershore-trained, sell a wide range of potted bulbs, alpines and perennials on their first-rate nursery. The mature garden setting offers inspiration and their range, always correctly labelled, constantly changes. You wont be disappointed.

Set in a walled garden this nursery is packed to the gunnels with good plants. Plant heritage collections of buddleia and viticella clematis, an 80 metre herbaceous border and apple and clematis arches make it even better. The Longstock Water Garden ( once owned the John Lewis himself) opens every first and third Sunday of the month from April.

Mail order from September to March -then a limited service

Beth Chatto, inspired by husband Andrew, pioneered ecological gardening by placing plants in the right place and their website usefully lists plants for specific places. The nursery developed an on-line presence early and most plants are traditionally propagated from the garden under the care of David Ward. Theres no better place to buy herbaceous plants, ferns and grasses.

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