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SDotA 2 offline LAN No Steam rev Loader Steam Emulator Play D

2018-05-01 08:13 Source:6KGM.COM Edit:admin

Hi i downloaded the hacked version can i host a server without rev.loader?

I key dota_lunch_custom_game in console but it crash to desktop after key custom game name like 01234567 or key number 0-9 but can key character like a-z but i cant see map of custom game in list console

This is because the EXE is not updated, it is only the Steam emulation files and

plss help admin.. i installed the hacked version but when i open dota 2 its just waiting.. connecting to dota 2 network thanks in advance

It loaded retrying to connect myip:2705 and repeating again and again ... and disconnect from server..... Any solution ? .. or not working in dota 2 reborn ? (If its true , I will try this in my old version of dota which seem to be in may ...

por vor necesito resolver este problema, cuando abro revLoader.exe me da error 0xc000007b

2. Pass the servers IP to it. E.g.: ServerIPNSNet =

Dota 2 No steam with Revloader Offline Multiplayer Lan.

When are this guys gonna put lobby support in revloader????

still same, i open it run as administrator but still at loading screen and said connecting to dota2 network ,

I still cant choose Game modes..... it seem dota_force_gamemode is doesnt work anymore... always all pick.. if anyone know some Game mode to chose pls share... pls

Do post your queries in the comment section as I shall try to troubleshoot.Heres a list of console commandsfor the geeks to explore.

how to fix this problem? i dont know how to name this error so pardon for my bad explanation. thank you.

Be precise and freely include brain churning error logs if needed.

Add -console switch: ProcName=dota.exe -steam -console

Since youve changed f, I would recommend you to update the steam_appid.txt file, as this is what revEmulator reads.

2. Pass the servers IP to it. E.g.: ServerIPNSNet =

So precisely, a delete/replace wont work.

ProcName=bin/win32/dota2.exe -steam -novid -console +ip +maxplayers 11 +dota_wait_for_players_to_load 1 -silent /help

PS: Supports DotA 2 Reborn, updated revLoader link in the post.

Admin.. The dota_force_gamemode command is not working.. How to fix it?

after login my steam account, my dota cannot run without updating to reborn version.

This is an issue that i have with both Dota 2s and Team Fortress 2s revLoader.Any help?

copy your from extracted download to dota 2 beta/game/bin/win32 and paste

E.g.: ProcName=bin/win32/dota2.exe -steam -novid -console

do you have files of dota 2 6.85.. i dont have dota 2 files revloader works only if you have dota 2 files right?

hi Chaz ... great blog man .. really helpful .. im trying to register to but ive been having problems with the russian language translation .. so ill ask you if you know anything about the progress in the following subjects regarding dota 2 reborn with revloader.

run the game in a row or in a label, or items on the leaves of a server will not work. Just after the close of

In that case you need revLoader for dota 2 beta.

client cannot connect to the server... i followed every instructions please help me

To STOP DotA 2 from updating itself, run Steam then go to

Awesome post it works great however the revloader.exe file generated a random named .dat file that my AV recognised as a Trojan. Is there any way to figure out which file cases this and any fix?

hi i updated my dota via steam,mar.15 2016 it somehow sychronized to my Offline folder of dota when i try to open revloader with steam is online, but when i try to open revloader.exe again without steam its saying *steam client missing* any suggestions on how to make my offline dota work again without steam

Hi! i just need help with my dota 2. it closes automatically in an on going game about 30 minutes in progress. this problem came out after i updated the dota 2 through steam.

would you be so kind to clarify this subjects for me ... thanks in advance

Well Its well now thanx for your product :X anyway items doesnt work in game :/ they are just in inventory

thanks for the help, but my problem was that i had to copy the f from the path /game/dota to /game/bin/win32/steam and replace. I have another problem, the thing is that it wont let me customize the shortcut keys. It apears that the revEmu load a deut config everytime it opens. please help and sorry for the english.

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Step-by-step guide for using revLoader, the offline Steam emulator

Library. dota 2 - properties - dlc - uncheck dota 2 reborn - restart Steam

Also i didnt find the file dotakeys_personal.lst in my dota 2 folder (i use dota 2 reborn). I also search for files with the extention *.lst and nothing comes up.

when Using map dota.bsp load a map doesnt wait for players and usually doesnt work well even you go solo and no one use connect help meh plx :(

So we can use the items now during ingame.. You can choose any items you want..

Dana anda pasti pasti di jamin akan siap di proses.

If you have a Steam copy of Dota 2 then you may use this method to run Dota 2 offline and share with your friends in a copy-paste shion.

listen Server, you need to restart the game - otherwise, when you connect to another server, or when re-creating

RevLoader wont open!No matter how many times i clicked it!Ran it in Administrator,turned Steam offline and it still doesnt even open!

AP mode: The dota_force_gamemode switch is non-functional as of now, and maybe it will be fixed when Reborn is out of beta.

Check the ProcName in i, it should point to dota2 executable.

As cilent (my fri) .. typed connect (myip):2705

Agreed, but the Russian (bir3yk) is the man behind revLoader and he keeps all revLoader releases on single page (link provisioned in post).

can u share revloader for dota 2 reborn. please :)

I can run dota 2 by going to dota.exe directory folder and double click it.

1- i use a .cfg with the server creation parameters there i use dota_force_gamemode and tv_enable commands ... but the game always in AP mode ... and the .dem files recorded the client doesnt read it with playdemo.

go to youtube search for Dota 2 Lan and download provided links

Why map dota.bsp items not working when i create in console

it works! Thanks Ray Yanes.. I can play CM AP (with random gold), Mid Only with kicked bots.. thanks..

3. Search rev.ini for EnableNSNetSvc string and set it to UDP. E.g.: EnableNSNetSvc = UDP

To play with 10 people in offline lan, need 10 activate account?

How to change the language of dota 2 reborn....through revloader...?? because it is russian

3. Search rev.ini for EnableNSNetSvc string and set it to UDP. E.g.: EnableNSNetSvc = UDP

DotA is a popular RTS game amongst the gaming community and it was easily playable on LAN as Warcraft III supported it. The rise of Dota 2 is equally related, but many gamers suffer from multiple issues while trying to enjoy the game:

are you sure steamclient.dll has been copied to folder? in my case, my antivirus detect it and deleted it. so just turn off the antivirus and try to copy again :)


It says unable to execute command -steam -silent /help (2) How do we I fix it?

1. Search i for ServerIPNSNet string.

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to your game-pals and be ready to host a LAN game.

You cannot as this feature has not been cracked (yet):

(for new items) which are updated on new release of Dota 2.

Save and run revLoader.exe. Use ` (tilde) key to bring up the console in-game.

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2- the hero customization doesnt work ... i read here that the customization are not implemented yet ... but i dont know about the others things

hi guys my revloder not working it says unable to execute command dota.exe -console -steam -silent/help(2) how to fix it?

Are you using Dedicated Server for hosting the game? If yes, then follow the following steps:

1. Do NOT point your actual dota via revLoader, else be prepared to ce such issues as Steam updates dota but not your rev files (items_520.bin, rev Steam DLLs etc.). Separate dota copies are suggested.

Hi good day everyone! Does anyone here who encountered multiplayer error like

clean guide. but the items and cosmetics are not working.

If revLoader.exe does not exist, download previous versions fromhereand extract revLoader.exe in your

Look for this entry in i file: ProcName=dota.exe -steam

I also tried 27015 and 2705 .. Both are not working... And I give up !! ....

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it sayIt says unable to execute command -steam -silent /help (2)

how change language in this i cant understand at all. please help me

Dota 2 should be up and running without Steam.

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So the listed problems are mostly because of the

(extracted from revLoader package) and paste in

Sir, your lan playing guide is need 10 different steam account for 10 pc?

go to file i in win32 folder. find line : language = Russian, change russian to english.

in the game, your name is Unknow? try to run as administrator

Note: Cosmetics work only for Dedicated Servers.

Is there an update for the items , specially for Juggernaut Arcana , I cant seem to use it because items.bin is outdated...

I couldnt find it but i deleted all the russian related texts and it worked

2. I have rev.loader ( working fine to play offline )

2. In your case (using Steams dota), try to use Steams DLL for emulation. You can point it via i config (SteamDll=C:\...Steam\Steam2.dll) or paste the required DLLs from your official Steam folder in [revLoader directory]\Steam.

I got one to ask sir. My steam folder has the dota reborn. If i delete dota 2 reborn and replace it with dota 2 beta would the steam work for dota 2 beta?

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hi where i can get revloader for dota2 6.86..please sent me the link

hi from china ,for the hacked version ,why i cannot play , it stop at loading screen and said connecting to the server ,can u help me ?

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in the main menu it says connecting to the dota 2 game coordinator ; logging in. How do i fix this? i ran it as admin. Windows 10. and i copied dota from the directory ( for safety reasons)

ProcName=bin/win32/dota2.exe -steam -novid -console +ip +maxplayers 11

hi everyone.. i cant create lobby.. pop ups and said Error create lobby to fix this? help me friends..

- You cannot create a Local Lobby while offline!

hi guys my revloder not working it says unable to execute command dota.exe -console -steam -silent / help (2) how to fix it?

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Customizations and x64 dota2.exe: No they dont work as of now. bir3yk needs to come up with an update for revLoader.

As per understanding Russian is concerned, use Translate in Chrome. :)

When you create the listen servers (creating a game from the client) must indicate your +ip ...

i hv the same problem..i use the latest revloader from but still steam client not found..any fix?

And what should i do? change the steam_appid.txt file content with 37310?

sir, i have a question. do you know how to unlocked item on dota 2 offline? before reborn, my dota 2 offline have all items on armory. but now there is no items. thanks for your answer about shortcut key that cant change. sorry for bad english

If you or your game-pals do not have Dota 2 (Steam version) then you may download the game from other users upload. Download fromhere.

Anyone know if you can make a dedicated server to play offline and want compartielo 6.86. Greetings from Cuba Guelmi

also make a FAQ if you may, because itll be easier to help people to solve some of the common installing/download links problems

Guys howto change the deult picture of the revolution?

you can create the cfg from a txt file ... then copy it to ...\Dota 2 REBORN\dota\cfg and run it from console

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+dota_wait_for_players_to_load 1 +dota_wait_for_players_to_load_timeout 2 +dota_bot_set_difficulty 3 +dota_force_gamemode 1 -silent /help

this is the command line for creating in CM for dota 6.86 reborn ... put all this in a cfg file and run it from console ... enjoy

And open console and typed as you say (expect bot populate )

Hey it seems dotas mod that I was mas does not work with reloader what should I do to load all DotA mods .

Does anyone know how to change the in game Name? editing i doesnt work

Open the file in a Text Editor and change the bindings as per your preference.

good day sir i got my new revloader for reborn, after i extract it to game/bin/win32 and run it as admin it says that steam client not found how to fix it? and one thing sir to how set the dota 2 reborn in layout mode? because thats the only way for the items to work in reborn thanks.

4. Host game on server and connect from your client. E.g.: connect

Extract the ZIP/RAR package contents. Copy contents of

i always get the message steam client not found and then it closes itself

Use connect command to join server. E.g.: connect

map dota.bspdota_bot_populate(after all Clients have connected)For ClientsRun revLoader.exe as Admin and useconnectcommand in the console:connect ServerIP:Port

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Please help. Any clean guide to see cosmetic items??

i cant get revloader to work in dota 2 reborn. please help

The key bindings can be found in: dota 2 beta/dota/cfg/dotakeys_personal.lst

can it play offline lan without downloading the game above

How to captains mode. Everytime i host a game it goes back to all pick

Anyone who succeeded in the Gamemode works besides AP ..please share

Berikut game yang di gemari dan sangat di miinati banyak orang saat ini :

Can you upload the file? Whre is the cfg located?

from latest post and overwrite the contents inside

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Great post! I am visiting this site regularly for the pitlord update of revloader. Haha

Open revolusi Loader Error procname values not found ini commandline ini revolusi ini. Please edition file

Start the game using revLoader.exe and type the following in-game commands in the

hey someone plz share 6.85 version revloader.exe

and patch items_570.bin as mentioned in the guide above. You might prefer to translate the page in English in Chrome.

can you make a step by step guide to install the revloader and its necessary files? also make new links to download as the russian one arent too helpful and can be quite confusing. for me, i am not sure where to get the revloader in the russian forum or do i use the old one that i somehow got from this blog here which it doesnt show any link to download revloader like last time which was easier, lol

socio soy de cuba tambien ... Villa CLara .. aasere aqui estamos jugando el 6.86 solo en AP y cuando grabamos los replay despues no los podemos ver ... uds estan igual .. saludos

Download from the official thread of revLoader.

4. Host game on server and connect from your client. E.g.: connect

hello.. i hv a problem here... when i try to open it.. it say seam client missing or not update.. how to solve it? it is i hv missing file or what?

1. Search i for ServerIPNSNet string.

How to get the cosmetics item working? Didnt seem the above explanations worked. Step by step simplified please?

I follow the step when i create in console map dota.bsp the cosmetic item cant see

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