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Shared zones include a total of 75 skyshards, and PvP zones 59.

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Finding skyshards with our maps is certainly easier than trying to find every one of them by yourself (remember, around 400!). Nevertheless you will often come across them randomly while doing quests or exploring zones.

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Skyshards can be very important to find especially early on when leveling. Having additional skill points for more and varied abilities and being able tomorphthem can help a great dealwith levelingordoing group dungeons. With 5 differentcrafting skill linesavailable as well which are all helpful theres always going to be a shortage of skill points, despite characters being able to get around 300 points to distribute at endgame.

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Skyshards can be found in every zone in The Elder Scrolls Online, including the tutorial. To save you the trouble of doing math yourself, you can find a nearly400 skyshardsat this point, giving you over - skill points; for every 3 sky shards you collect you will gain 1 skill point. As you can imagine it takes quite awhile to find over 400 of them so we hope our maps with their locations will be helpful.

If you do find yourself unable to locate certain skyshards but dont want to use our spoilers, you can check your in-game Journal from time to time as it can contain tips and hints about skyshard locations.

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Tip: you can usethis SkyShards addonto display exact locations of all skyshards on your in-game map. It also works with the minimap addon I recommendedin this article, where you can also find out how to install ESO intece addons.

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The utakable glow makes finding skyshards easy when outside, but can be more difficult to spot while underground.

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In outdoor locations skyshards are usually very easy to spot due to their noticeable glow, however nearly half of all skyshards are located in underground areas usually public dungeons called delves.

All skyshards for all zones listed below are located and indicated on our maps, but if you have trouble finding any of them be sure to ask! You can use the following links to view skyshard maps for selected zones:

Revel in the Spoils of War with Update 18s PvP Additions & Improvements

For those who want a spoiler-free experience but still dont want to miss out on any additional skill points, my recommendation is to simply explore the zone in its entirety and complete all quests and dungeons. Once you do all that, refer to our maps and go find all the skyshards you missed.

Impressions of Project Gorgon from an Asherons Call player

One of the key features of Elder Scrolls Online is its exploration aspect. While many players enjoy wandering around aimlessly and discovering quests, dungeons and other goodies by themselves, skyshards are often too importantfor character developmentto be skipped. Unless you follow our maps with outlined skyshard locations you will miss some of them guaranteed, so even if you decide to explore things by yourself be sure to at least bookmark our maps for later use.

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* 86 skyshards per ction, and 258 total for all ctions.

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All public dungeons award you with a skyshard as well, giving you yet another reason to make friends and complete almost if not all content in every zone.

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