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SCant Login_elder scrolls online steam

2018-04-28 16:13 Source:6KGM.COM Edit:admin

Ive already did that step, and Launcher is the same thing I open when I clicked play on my game library. Still says I have an error though.

on mine the launcher comes up and does nothing. it doesnt even appear on the screen. only shows in the task bar. task manager show no activity on the cpu or network.

ZOS_MichelleA I am also having a similar problem. I had the beta version a while ago, and I just bought the game. When I log in with my account info from when I had the Beta it doesnt work and when I check my account info it says I only have the Beta. So I tried logging in with my Steam info but that didnt work either. Where do I find this game code to redeem?

there was something about a usersettings.txt in the live folder. i dont have that. put one in still didnt do it. so i took it out.

Hey, ive experienced the same, just go in to your steam apps folder search for common, opten the zenimax online folder and open the launcher folder. in there should be something Launcher, just open that one and the game should work fine :)

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you and me both. i want my money back this is a rip off.

I am getting both 201 and 301 error when I try and log in. I went to the official help page and tried both known solutions, but neither worked.

there are post on the net current and on back to april of last year of ppl with simular problems. they dont seem interested in fixing it nor are they forth coming with info. like they are purposefully trying to hide these launcher problems.

Any help is appriciated. i really would like to just play the game.

Ƙᴓʀ, have you redeemed your game code on our official website? Players will most often receive the incorrect information error when they do not have a Game Registration Code applied and a subscription plan selected. Additionally, please ensure you are logging in with your ESO username, rather than email. These are the two most common reasons for this error to appear.

my ith in bethesda and zenimax is quickly ding.

I bought this game when it was on sale for $20. Its still a lot of money gone to waste thanks to this problem.

for mine the i cant even see the laucher window to hit play or, as was recommended, get some game lauch log. ( i think it was)

Youre running XP Pro, ggrimly? Could you please verify that the rest of your computer meets our minimum requirements?

Every time I try to login, it gives me a login error saying what I typed in is incorrect.

that should cover the min specs and except for the os (still 64 bit) and the 1g-ram vid instead of the 2g-ram more then covers the recommended unless i missed something.

Are you logging in with your Steam credentials, or the account information you created on our official ESO site?

Hello there, folks. What errors are you receiving? Is there an error message involved? If so, what does it say?

I created an account to login with, every time I try, it gives me an error and I cant. I made a new account and it did the same thing. How can I play this game now?

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