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. Cordelia tells Michelle that her natural form (which is basically a 16-year-old Mystique) is beautiful but shes not attracted to Michelles preferred form (because it resembles Willow) or her original form (Xander). As a result, Michelle angrily compares it loving someone only if they change nearly everything about themselves. This motivates her to dateGweninstead who is attracted to all three forms.

series is revealed to have a full-sized pair of wings, courtesy of part-alien heritage. How did he hide them, you ask? By strapping them down to his back, under his clothing, so tightly that he was in constant pain. The resulting crouched posture and uncamouflagable hump on his back caused the main character to assume he had a horrendous spinal birth defect instead. Upon finally being let in on the secret, a stunned and enchanted Cherijo utters this trope practically to the letter. (Then again, Hawk wasnt hiding his wings so much because he was ashamed of them as because they could get him in trouble with the.

and even after he fully looses his ability and the reason why it existed in the first place, he still doesnt stop worrying about himself

. And its not until her love interest points out that she is still beautiful despite (or even due to) not being normal that she suddenly sees this, too.

The gag is repeated with Kagomes mother and brother (evidently it runs in the mily), except this time InuYasha is awake, not sealed to a tree. In general hes less bothered by his youkai side then the human one and his full-youkI half brother ironically looks more human than he does until he comes out ofSleep-Mode Sizeand into the giant dog their ther was, and he gets pretty defensive about it in early arcs. Especially big, sweet, horse-ced Jinenji whose home village abused him roundly. And the arc with the cute little half-bat youkai with cruel neighbors

Did Clarkson ask how hed be able to fit himself and his wings into that sleek little vehicle?

Given that Saika is an, Shizuo wisely rejects the offer in vor of the opportunity to finally use his power for good namely, kicking Saikas ass.

and him having spent centuries of slaughtering other life forms around the galaxy

: In the one-shot Gifts Shinji and Asukas daughter Teri does not like herPsychic Powersand is afraid that other people will think she is a freak if they discover her abilities. When her friends find out, though, they think her powers are cool and are supportive.

nfic,Shinji Ikariis working on a restaurant after Thid Impact. One of his co-workers is a purple-haired girl dyes her hair because she is ashamed of it. When Shinji finds out she thinks hell get freaked out, but Shinji tells he doesnt understand why it is an issue and reassures her it looks pretty. She was pretty surprised cause it (of course, she doesnt know he had lived with a woman with purple hair, fought beside a girl with blue hair andhe is in love with a girl with red hair, which is very unusual hair color in Japan).

Celty is understandably ashamed of her lack of a head, but Shinra not only doesnt care, he thinks its rather y. Theres no accounting for taste.

; Ruby notes in her narration that The int scar over Her left eye fit Her well... Like stripes on a tigress. but doesnt talk about the scar with Weiss.

the first time Mei shows Kouichi what is under her eyepatch, he is already somewhat unnerved and confused, but the second time she shows him he remarks that the

: Asuka thinks she is an ugly freak due to her scars and nobody would love her. Shinji assures her that she is beautiful and he loves her.

berserker, were the white of her eyes becoming red and her crying blood tears. She tried to hide it and thought it meant that she was a freak, butShinjitold her that it was a gift and not something to be ashamed of... and, not matter what.

Charlotte Pudding, who is mocked and called a monster for having three eyes. In ct, their plan to killSanjirelied on her revealing her third eye, shocking him so much that they could shoot him. But the instant he sees her third eye he calls it beautiful, causing her to break down in tears and start toll for him.

Setsuna Sakurazaki, who is half-Tengu andalbino, in

+Animaare discriminated against because of their partial animal-like features. Some kids hate their anima, some like how useful it is but are self-conscious about the scar-like marks it leaves, etc; and then theres some people who think an anima is the coolest thing since sliced bread (looking at you, Cooro) and make this trope come into play a few times. (However, interestingly, it does

is ashamed of her white wings, although her human friends think they make her look awesome. To her defense, she was cast away by her fellow demons because of her albinism, which probably didnt improve her self-image.

, Bella Bagginss dark secret is that she can grow a beard. It is difficult to shave each day on the journey, and Bella tries to hide her stubble with a scarf. When the beard is revealed, she is horribly embarrassed, and thinks the dwarves are mocking her when they suggest a celebration. Only theyre not, they think shes gotten more beautiful. When Thorin witnesses her attempt to shave, he thinks she has done something so shameful that she has to

was a freak before blackmailing him into teaching her how to fly.

This trope has spawned a subgenre ofnficappropriately calledwingfic, one early example of which gave this trope its old name (But Your Wings Are Beautiful).

comics, when Angel joins the team, pretty much the entire team stops and stares at him when he walks through the door. He is afraid that his wings are responsible, when Storm informs him that they all were staring because hes drop-dead gorgeous.

of a marking on her ce that is supposed to be disfiguring but really just looks like a port wine stain covering her right eye

As if being aand havingRicotake advantage of his feelingswasnt bad enough.

has Princess Fiona, whod been human by day/ogress by night, dismayed to find that upon the spell upon her being broken shes now

, the instructors and cadets at Tentir (the military academy) discover them, and almost uniformly think they are extremely cool and useful, much to James confusion.

. But where in the West this would be viewed as a shion statement, in Japan people who do this are often assumed to be very rebellious or even dangerous, though this stereotype is also ding a bit.

The circus wouldnt just start up again; the clowns would eat him whole.

, Bella feels this way about Edwards sparkling. In the movie he retorts, This is the skin of a killer, Bella!Not as ridiculous as it sounds;the sparkling

, an unusual interaction with a dark curse caused Harry to grow a pair of oversized, strangely-colored phoenix wings. Draco, who apparently had a bit of a wing fetish, kept trying to convince Harry that he was beautiful.

the reason Hiroto killed his first girlfriend, as she hated it

her red hair... until Earl Phantomhive (Ciels ther) told her he liked it. That it was beautiful, and really suits her. Unfortunately forher, he still chooses to marry her older sister...

The inverse is also true, of course: its become not uncommon for Japanese students to bleach or dye their hair so that they stand out

One genre of MLP:FIM fictions features Twilight cing this trope after getting wings herself; wings or a horn are normal, but combined see above for Nyx.

To a certain extent this applies to Minas extensive, horrific scars in

with pride and believing it actually adds to her beauty.

Fans watching montages of Nyu moments on youtube tend to mistake the horns for cat-ears. Its probably intentional that they look like that, since Nyu saying Nyu also makes her sound like a cat.

, one of the one night stand quickies Charlie has didnt want to bare her chest. At the end of the movie, we find out that she has three breasts. Of course Charlies best friend, a cosmetic surgeon specialising in breast enhancement, goes completely wild for this when he finds out.

: Subverted. Harley rants about how everyone on the Squad is pretty on the outside but ugly on the insideexcept for Killer Croc. Hes ugly on the outside too. Croc is a green, scaly beast that looks and acts more like an animal than a man, but he just laughs.

, the Zodiac mily members often have odd hair and eye colors that correspond to whatever spirit is possessing them. This often leads to accusations that they dye their hair, or to be mercilessly bullied. Tohru, being the sweet girl she is, is constantly awed and impressed by these features, finding them very attractive. In a flashback, we also see that Yuki liked Kyos orange hair (though he never gets a chance to say so).

. She covershalf her ce with her long, red hairand acts as if she were actually heavily disfigured. With some encouragement from the male protagonist she gets over it, wearing

, most people found Reiko Natsumesyellowslit-pupileyes (among other things) to be creepy. Hinoe, on the other hand,thought they were beautiful.

Powerset variant with Hitoshi who heard all his life hisCompelling Voicewas awful and villainous, and is very much thrown for a loop when his classmates not only consider it an asset, but call it a

, as it is revealed several episodes later, meaning that for most of the series, he has battled his inner demons all alone whileputting up a confident front to his friends.

Genderflipsthe usual situation, whenVanfirst shows his wings to Hitomi. Apparently, he was ashamed of them all along (because they marked him as a descendant of the Atlanteans, who are universally disdained in the setting) but Hitomi (who comes from another world altogether) just finds them beautiful.

Part of the stigma comes from the ct that being an alicorn OC is a typicalMary Suetrait. While Nyx has a legitimate reason for being one, very few other original characters do. Even canon character Cadance suffered a lot of flak for being one without clear justification, at least until she won the ns over.

ke eye her mother made is oddly beautiful, and that she should go without the eyepatch more often.

self-describedOujo-samaVivianThe Iron Womanis ashamed of hermetal-manipulating powersbecause they arent proper (her skin becomes metallic and spikes pop out of her arms and legs) andher parents didnt have any use for an improper childno matter how valuable she is. WhenHaijipretends to be a hostage so he can observe her power he tells her her its beautiful (fora guy who claims to only sees people as research subjectshe always knows the right thing to say). Prior to that shed beenputting up a frontabout how much she didnt care about her horrible power and that shealways works alone.

, but its for the very reason hes been ostracized and come to hate himself for:his uncontrollable strength and violent temper.

kind of inconvenient, as it happens whenever hes exposed to direct sunlight and tends to strainThe Masquerade. Its also only the tip of the iceberg with regards to Edwards issues.

, a minor subversion with Beagle John in New Zork; he has small wings that are useful only for attractin birds, and he calls himself the Eagle Beagle.

, its revealed that one ofDr. Agasaschildhood friends was a half-Japanese girl named Fusae Campbell Kinoa. She was very self-conscious of her hair color; her fondest memory of her childhood is Dr. Agasa claiming that he liked her hair.

an alien whos millenia old and whose group of comrades wants to wipe out all life on Earth

, Harry is quite insecure about her magic powers after being raised by abusive relatives who considered her a worthless freak. When he sees her talking to a snake, Hayato is immediately scinated and assures her relatives were lying because shes special.

ravens (apart from Mytho, on the basis that hes aFriend to All Living Thingsand thusloves everyoneby deult). Thus it comes as a complete surprise to her when Autor insists that not only does he love her, but enough to die for her.

A character has some ntastical characteristic, such aswingshorns, or a tail, of whichthey are deeply ashamed. They may have beenborn with them, they may havetransformedfororanother. More often than not,they tend to hide ter, some other character (commonly, her love interest) catches a glimpse of these and assures the character that their wings, or horns, or tail, or whatever, are not in ct ugly but very attractive.

Loki and Jahanna manage to have a mutual one, with him ashamed of being a Jotunn, and her of hereliatropewings.

In Dennis Lehanes Darkness, Take My Hand, protagonist/narrator Patrick Kenzie has a scar across his stomach from when his abusive ther pressed a hot iron onto him; his girlfriend says she loves it because its a constant reminder that Patrick turned out different from his ther.

See alsoBeautiful All AlongFreaky Is CoolandNightmare Fetishist. Can be considered aDistaff CounterparttoBeast and Beauty(although neither tropes is actually strict on which gender it can be applied tosee the quote above). CompareBeauty to Beastand theUncanny Valley. Compare and contrastTransformation Horror.

A popularRocketshippingfic series calledFeathers and Foxtails

The most common explanation is that the character believes themselves to be some kind of freak, thinksHumans Are the Real Monsters, and is scared of being tracked down by aTorches and Pitchforksmob and/or aMad Scientist. Sometimes its justified when, say, a character now looks like the enemy oranother reviled species, or their culture involves torching anyone with a tail. Only if these attitudes are consistent with the world they inhabit howeverunless the point is that the character is being too pessimistic about peoples capacity for tolerance. Sometimes theyll look for a cure. Ironically, if they manage to remove the ntastic feature theywont become happy, and tend to feel like aBroken Angelinstead.

, Meryl and Millie accidentally walk in on Vash with his shirt off, and shockingly learn that his entire body isCovered with Scarsdue to hisActual Pacifistlifestyle. He laments that its not the kind of thing he wants girls to see, as he believes it would scare them, but Merylsheepishly disagrees.

The fifth season of the reveals that he can cope with his appearance in the long run; rather he is angry that the one who transformed him, Rezo, used him as a guinea pig for his own personal gain.

In an interesting variation, Allan is initially shocked to see her scars after they made love for the first time, and Mina thought he was repulsed by them. He later assured her the reason for his reaction; his beloved second wife also had scars on her neck due to a fire accident. He reacted in surprise because it meant that the two women he loved most in his life both had similar scars.

After he seriously injured his childhood friend (and current bully) Bakugou with a burst ofSuper Strengtha long time ago, he buys in on the anti-alienFantastic Racismthat (almost) everybody else has in the setting and considers himself an inhuman monster.

Ryuk is well-aware that hes perceived as quite ugly by human standards of beauty but Light still finds him to be cute and even attractive in an exotic and alien way. Light likes Ryuks wings amongother things.

: The first signs ofAsukawas transforming into a

The Thingonce believed that if his blind girlfriend Alicia Masters could see him in his orange rocky glory she would run screaming for the hills. Given how sensitive her fingers were (shes an accomplished sculptor, and even made sculptures of him at one point), it came as no surprise that she pretty much knew what he looked like and still loved him. Which caused Bento think that shed stop loving him if he ever became normal...

Again, Ben has a lot of issues about his appearance. Being turned into a giant rock-monster will do that to you, especially when everyone around you just gets cool powers andSuper Modecontrol of their own physical transformations.

has a non-romantic example with Kimi calling Toukas kagune, something she despises with a passion as something tied to her existence as a ghoul, beautiful.

Ichigo with hercatgirltransformation. She constantly worries that her eventual love interest will hate her when he finds out, but when he does hes perfectly okay with it.

To say nothing of the reaction of SetsunaspartnerKonoka upon being rescued shortly after.

You and Merle are probably the only people whod say that.

This is true in real life, too. In Japan,a culture that often values conformity, having oddly colored hair is sometimes seen as disruptive by school officials, or just viewed as an unpleasant tendency to stand out. Some half-Japanese school children

On the other hand, note thatWhat Measure Is a Non-Human?is in effect in his personal moral structure, and he never feels guilty for killing demons but beats himself up for offing even really evil humans. Presumably because theyre defenseless against him. So theres ambivalence going.

most strongly hinted love interest was in charge of the whole project anyway.

was raised her entire life believing that she aravenborn in a disgusting human body, and thus too pathetic to be loved by either humans

drops the illusion protecting her true, fishy appearance, she expects protagonist Bob Howard to be repelled. Hes anything but. (From a practical point of view, this is mainly because shes part of a subspecies

Though genocide is apparently kind of a tradition for the kings of Asgard, which he was at the time. See sequel film.

movies. As the Penguin said, Youre just jealous cause Im a

InuYashaUnusual Earsmark him as aHalf-Human Hybrid, but what does hisLove Interestdo upon seeing them for the first time?

, Bruce Banner is deeply ashamed of his alter ego, The Hulk. Tony Stark, on the other hand, thinks the Hulk is awesome.

, Hals even more shallow and ist friend reveals he was born with a tail (slight extension of the spine) thats hes very embarrassed about. In the end, he finds a women that considers it adorable. Hes capable of wagging it back and forth, which reminds her of a dog, and she loves dogs. They walk off together, with his tail wagging happily under his clothes.

Its a monster that smells like something rotting, so he understandably hates anyone finding out about it. Even Tohru needs a bit of time to recover, after the shock of seeing it.

mirrors this, in which Hirotos mountain lion true form is considered amily problemas he was known to be attracted to mortals, not animals, therefore his love life difficult. However despite it being

, the legacy of being attacked by Dracula. Shes deeply ashamed by them and covers them with a scarf. Shes convinced Allan is repulsed and only relaxes when he says theyre part of what makes her special.

Magneto wins over Mystique and several of the other mutants by accepting and reveling in their mutations rather than preferring them to be mainline. Internal Categorization at its finest as he even prefers Beast with a more extreme mutation while Beast is self-loathing.

had James gain a pair of wings and Jessie gain a foxs tail via Mews power as punishment for trying to capture Mewtwo.

The relationship between Hiroto and Rega in T.S.Hanas

, Alec Swan runs into awoman with wingswhos planning on committing suicideover not being normal. Alec spends the rest of the issue talking the woman, Ellen, down, telling her that her wings are beautiful. Later on, its revealed they got married off-panel.

, Magneto sighs regretfully as he leaves her behind, She used to be so beautiful...

: Zigzagged and played with. Samantha believes herself ugly because

Subverted in oneReal-Person Fic. Rather than complain or feel shame about them,Simon Cowellgloats toJeremy Clarksonthat now he has wings

, in that after growing wings, John goes throughWhat Have I Become?angst for about half a day, until he flies; then he loves his transformation, and he becomes furious with Paul for suggesting that he have the wings removed. (Whether Paul is genuinely worried that theyll ruin Johns life on Earth, or just jealous, is a question for readers to ponder.) Later, when he calms down, he acknowledges that Paul is right (while still loving his condition), and worries a lot about what will happen when he goes home like that.

engineered not to be repulsive to humans, because the Deep Ones do have an occasional need to interact with them.)

apply to the main character, who has black wings and is often called an angel of death, but haszero angstabout it

when Eurekas Coralian attributes begin to manifest themselves, she grows a pair of green, butterfly-like wings. At first, she is worried Renton will reject her new form, but Renton admires her new wings and thinks she has become even more beautiful. Of course, her fear here is pretty justifiable, seeing as her entire left side during a previous transformation broke out inluminous green boils. Even in the form where she grows wings, her left arm has become translucent and green, with some weird purple... thing roughly tracing where the bones should be. And some of the skin on her neck/ce (and one assumes, the rest of the left side of her body) is similarly colored, though it doesnt quite look infected anymore.

, this is generally the first step towards befriending a Diclonius, as prior to developing their vectors theyre often persecuted because of their unusual horns. Then they start using their vectors to get revenge/follow their instincts and theres a

plays with this: in a world whereEveryone Is Super, Izuku Midoriyas shame is not having powers so much as

, the protagonist Alex Schwarz has severe hang-ups about his vampirism despite the combo platter of benefits it nets him, mostly because the way vampirism works in this universe means whenever he drinks someones blood hes doomed them to death by rapid-onset dementia. Sure, the Laundry sources his blood f

, Rega finds little to nothing wrong with it.

, When Videl asks Gohan why hed do something as silly as create a secret superhero identity instead of just go out and fight criminals as himself like she does, Gohan replies that he was afraid people would think he was some kind of freak if they had any idea what he was capable of. Videl simply points out that he just implied

Retasu, though her fishgirl transformation isnt tied to any particular physical feature (besides the marking that identifies everyone from the Mu Project) and she doesnt worry about any love interest hating it.

certainly fits, at least for the ns; even outside of theFurry Fandom, the general consensus is that the Beasts monstrous form is better and more attractive than his human form, so much so that its easy towrongfully declarethe moviesAesop broken, as a result. In a more traditional use of this trope, his eyes areconsistently portrayed as being attractiveand after his transformation back to human, this is how Belle recognizes him.

an abusive bat youkai grandther. Clearly had aHalf-Breed Discriminationthing going on; just preferred the strong option to the powerless one.

gives Izuku a cial scar and a bit ofPower Incontinencewhich manifests itself with fins, scales andpointy teeth. Since he considers these as his inner monster sucing, hes quite surprised when Kirishima finds his look

Often, the Freakiness Shame sentiment plays a great role here: shewants to be normaland have a normal romance but she somehow got deformed; she immediately becomes ashamed of her body because it isnt

A darker example in the case of Shizuo and Saika: Not only is Saikas the only declaration of love Shizuos

to avoid this. Supposedly the stigma is becoming smaller over time, but is still strong in many of the less cosmopolitan areas.

hides his inexplicable spontaneousGender Benderfor a full year because he cant figure out how to reveal it to his mily and friends.

non would (and does in the fics verse) mean shes aPhysical God. In an interesting twist, she hides her wings because (a) she thinks theyll make other ponies jealous and (b) she happens to beNightmare Moon reincarnate.

is extremely ashamed of her retractable-clawed fingertips, and wears gloves to hide them almost all the time. Since their appearance at age 7 got her thrown out by her ther, this is kind of understandable. In book 4,

While he loves the wings, he doesnt love the associated problems (which the story does deal with) of having to sit in backwards chairs, wear backwards vests (or nothing at all), and wear a magical cloak to hide the wings from view.

has Roxanne finding out that Johnny Blaze is the titular hero. He is sad about letting her see him this way, and his fear is irly reasonable: hes a vengeance demon anda bit volatile to touch. But Roxanne still likes him.

, based on a challenge, pairs Uhuras Orion roommate, Gaila, and Spock Prime and also uses this trope. Its odd but quite well written.

has a rather nasty scar across her belly resulting from an abortion. When she and Amsterdam sleep together for the first time, she apologizes for it.

Concreteis generally rather self-conscious of his hulking alien body, as hisInner Monologueoften reveals. Played with in that while his unrequited love interest doesnt find him attractive, she does find him scinating and has dedicated her life to studying him.

, until he met Dr. Hiriluk, everyone who met Chopper treated him as a monster, attacking him and calling him as such. because of this, he is ashamed of his abilities and believes he really is a monster until Luffy and co come along and find it TOTALLY AWESOME! SEVEN TRANSFORMATIONS! JOIN MY CREW! It helps that after he joins he realizes Luffy is much weirder than he is. But this leads up to him eventually being proud of being a monster, because of how it can help his friends, and because hisTrue Companionsthink its cool.

: at the end of volume 1, Ai begins to grow wings, and thinks theyre hideous. And yeah, the initial sprouts arent that attractive. But her boyfriend, Kent, insists her wings are beautiful. A volume later, and her wings have grown,Beautiful All Alonghas kicked in, and the wings take a back seat to other, more pressing issues, like stopping a race war in her homeland.

, this turns out to be the core of AkitsusUndying Loyaltyto her master, Mikogami. As aScrapped Number, shes considered a iled project and utterly worthless since she can never bond with an Ashikabi. When he asked her to join him, she protested that she was broken and thrown out as trash. He responded by telling her it didnt matter, and that it meant she was special! And rare! Her startled, hopeful expression makes it aCrowning Moment of Heartwarmingfor the

Yuri Tokikago was onceheavily scarredthanks tothe physical abusethat she got from herMad Artistther, and often was seen covered in bandages. Out of all the people that know about her scars, only Momoka Oginome wasnt either shocked or repulsed, and still found Yuri to be beautiful no matter what.

, the titular character gives Shiki this saying

When Mystique is de-mutant-ed against her will and left looking like a naked Rebecca Romijn in

a ten-foot robot with his bare hands in front of his girlfriend Sayaka, he freaks out and asks herif she was as terrified of that sudden show of inhuman ability as he was. Sayakas response can be summed up as, Hell no! That was both completely awesome

, Lokis discovery that he was born a member of a race he wasraised to be racist againstis the catalyst for his issues to go from passive-aggressive and manipulative pranks to fratro-regi-genocidal madness.

. And Shrek is more enamored with her than ever. Shrek refers to himself at one point as a hideous ogre (though he doesnt seem to be terribly ashamed of it), but hes actually not all that bad-looking, being more ugly cute than just ugly. It probably helps that hes r enough from normal human appearance to be well past theUncanny Valley.

This is also how Xavier ends up adopting Mystique as a sister. Shes the first mutant he meets and he is amazed that there are other mutants in the world; however, when theyre adults he prefers her to stay looking human and, when asked flat-out, clearly shows he doesnt regard her true form as attractive. This is also seemingly what Beast and Mystique bond over when they form a relationship (rather than mock his large feet, she is impressed by his reflexes and stands up for him), but ultimately subverted on Beasts part when he says that he finds Mystiques human form attractive but not her true form.

is a chimera, being a third demon and a third golem, giving him bluish skin with studded stones across his body, as well as wiry, stiff hair. Despitethe immense powers and stamina he gainedas a result of his transformation, he hates his appearance andspends most of his time between seasons searching for a cure. Most of the cast, Lina and Gourry included, dont find him unappealing at all (and he is rather handsome), and Amelia, who he issomewhat attracted to, finds his appearance cool.

has Teppei, who has the ability to spontaneously create circular rainbows with his hands at the beginning of the series. He used to be proud of this ability as a child, but while growing up, he realized this is not an entirely normal thing and began to hate this ability and pretents to have lost it. His shame becomes even worse after he finds out he is actually

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