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SMMO Strategy Game "King of Avalon: Battle of the Dragon"

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MMO Strategy Game "King of Avalon: Battle of the Dragon" System and Play Mode Introduction "King of Avalon"
Funga's King of Avalon: King Of Avalon is a MMO strategy mobile game based on King Arthur's story background and based on medieval fantasy world. The gameplay is more diversified than the general strategy game. It is necessary to expand its own city through continuous construction and operation, build a strong army, and equip the original dragon system to raise a powerful dragon to accompany the army. The campaign comes from Players all over the world become the king of Avalon who ruled the world after the death of King Arthur.
There is a set of strategic operations that scare the enemy
The buildings in the game are very diverse. In addition to the well-known resource-based production buildings, including farms, sawmills, and silver and iron mines, there are many distinctive buildings that can increase their own fighting power, such as research institutes. Many skills can be studied to increase the military's combat power and resource production. Forging factories can use the scrolls taken by monsters on the kingdom map to assemble them into equipment rolls, and then forge the lord's equipment to enhance their combat capabilities. How to play.
Many research and development forces can be developed in the Institute
The lord also has special talent skills. The talent skills are divided into battle, economy, and balance. If you want to improve these skills, players must continue to upgrade the lord level, using the talent points obtained after the upgrade to unlock the power of the lord! However, if you want to bet on which aspect of the skills, you can bring substantial benefits to the players, which has to test the players' strategic business!
Lord's talent skills have multiple developmental qualities
Choose from a variety of arms, and pay attention to the attributes of g
Axeman with defensive bonus for Hussars
↑ For the shooter has a defensive bonus sniper.
For shooters with defensive bonuses
In addition to attacking other players in the battle, you can also hunt monsters on the kingdom map to gain additional resources and props. You can also call the partners in the alliance to challenge the barbarian camps to get rich rewards. As the saying goes, when the prime minister reported that if he did not want to be blamed with anyone for causing grudges and wrecks, he could also send troops to seize the resources of the surrounding areas to collect all kinds of resources in order to grow his kingdom.
In addition to killing monsters on the map, you can also use resources to gain resources.
In addition to hunting monsters on the map, you can also use resources to gain resources
Unique dragon shape, to create your own dragon legend
After entering the game, there will be a dragon egg in the Dragon's Nest at the upper right of the fortress. This dragon egg will wait for 1 hour before it hatches into a "dragon". The "dragon" will grow into a strong one as the grade increases. "Dragon", and can go to the army to play, for the player's ground troops to add a powerful air force.
After hatching as a dragon, the dragon will fly handsomely in towns to conduct inspections and guard the town.
The heroic dragon flying handsome dragon.
Dragon's handsome flying heroic
The dragon system has one of the most unique features: the dragon has a unique character to develop. By killing the monsters on the map of the kingdom, you can obtain the dragon's attack points and defense points, and take advantage of the giant dragon Dragon skills allocate points, and depending on the number of points assigned, dragons will also have different appearances.
If the number of attack points is greater, the dragons will be transformed into "malicious" and "cruel". On the other hand, if there are more defense points, they will be converted to "clean" and "sunshine." The player can obviously judge from the appearance of the dragon that the type of the dragon is the number of points on which attribute to be placed.
The poisonous dragon has a bright red skin and is very handsome!
The vicious dragon has a bright red skin and is very handsome
But the most important thing is the distribution of skills. From the lower right corner of the same interface, you can enter the skill allocation page. You need to rely on the dragon's level to unlock the number of skills and equipment, and the equipment skills will bring their own combat power. The dragon should not be underestimated, so what kind of attributes to develop dragons is also a challenge to test the strategic configuration of players.
↑ How to assign dragon skills is also a challenge to test the strategy configuration of players.
How to assign dragon skills is also a challenge to test the player's strategy configuration
When the dragon reaches level 10, he will open Dragon Soul System to make Dragon Sage's exclusive equipment through the Dragon Spirit Shrine. After strengthening the Dragon Spirit, he can enter ancient ruins to explore, and he can get rich resource rewards in the ruins. The dragon soul experience value, to enhance the talent of the dragon soul to a certain extent can also open special magic, you can easily challenge the ancient ruins of ancient times, receive more reward resources.
↑ Strengthen Dragon Spirit intensity through dragon soul equipment
Enhance Dragon Spirit Strength with Dragon Soul Gear
Artifact blessing, legendary artifacts help
In the game, you can see the information of the six artifacts through the artifact list of the pub. Each artifact has its own way to obtain it. After gaining the artifact, you can get the corresponding powerful addition and special ability, but the same will also become the target of public opinion. . When the artifact is officially acquired, it will have a three-day protection period. If it is attacked by other players after the protection period, if it fails to defend, it will lose artifacts. How to obtain and protect artifacts will be the key to success.
A powerful artifact waiting for you to discover
Powerful artifacts waiting for you to discover
Global Alliance system built-in translation system You can also make foreign friends if you cannot speak the language
The alliance system helps players in the construction process to ask alliance members to complete a variety of buildings such as building cultivation, off-field assists, and urban protection. After joining the alliance, they can also obtain alliance transfer scrolls in their props and migrate their towns to the alliance. Nearby, together with the active development of the Union.
↑ Very intimate alliance transfer reels.
Very intimate alliance transfer reels
As a global service, of course, players will come from all over the world. Therefore, the game also has a translation function designed for players. As long as any player can see the player's dialogue, it can be enabled by clicking the original button. Translation function.
↑ Pressing the text button will automatically translate into Chinese and show the speaker’s language country.
Press the original button will automatically translate into Chinese and show the language of the speaking player
Daily tasks, achievements and good health
In addition to waiting for resources to build and plunder, the game also has daily missions and achievements to reward the players with different resource rewards, or you can try your luck in the tavern, as long as the divination of the same three prizes, you can get this resource Props, as well as the opportunity to draw on the accumulating gold coins.
Come on for a crystal ball and try your handily!
Come to crystal ball to try your good luck
In addition, there are buildings in the city's resource area that cannot be upgraded, and rewards are distributed every 10 minutes. These are some of the most useful props. Occasionally, small dialogs are seen on city buildings. There will be small games after the opening. Remind that you can get a small resource after reading.
The treasure box ticked on the map and can receive resources once every 10 minutes.
Treasure box ticked on the map, can receive a resource every 10 minutes
Dialogues that appear on buildings from time to time can also receive good resources.
Dialogs that appear on buildings from time to time can also receive good resources
As a strategy game, this gameplay is quite diverse. Although it takes a lot of time to develop the early stages, the clicks on the arms's production and skills are very confusing, but once you get started, you can experience the secrets of the game. .
There are many types of arms in the game. In addition to the infantry, cavalry, shooters, and siege equipment that are common in the Middle Ages, there are also more trap factories that defend against invading foreign enemies to guard the towns and cities, and the production of each attacking force. In the building, there are also many different kinds of arms for the players to produce and match. For example, the axe soldiers in the infantry battalion have defensive bonuses for the light cavalrymen, and the sniper soldiers have defensive marks for the archer, so what kind of training should be done? The soldiers will see how players are allocated and cultivated.
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