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SMobile game evaluation rating standards?

2018-04-26 16:59 Source:6KGM.COM Edit:admin
When game planning is first introduced, it will require some game evaluation. According to the horizontal comparison of products in the market, it's like the programmer's first line of code is Hello World! However, since the deaf people have been in the industry for four years, they have done procedures, planning, and now turn into operations. There is still doubt as to how to make a fair and objective score for a game. Especially now, before the operational work begins, it is impossible to start to evaluate the products that take over. What is the core criteria and what is the basis for measurement? In the absence of data to do the evaluation can only be considered personal opinion, but this work is indeed to be carried out before the operational needs and activities, in fact, the above nonsense summed up a few points.
1. Where does the significance of the evaluation lie? Is it a rating of the quality and quality of the game itself? Or to sort out the operational ideas.
2. Who does the evaluation look for, and is the target user a BOSS? Or research and development team.
3. Assess whether the results will be converted into actual operational requirements and workload, and how the R&D team will coordinate the revision plan after conversion.
4. What factors can be determined, the results of the assessment can be directly estimated data, AU, PU, ​​and ARPU.
1, game evaluation can give to people who have not played this game to understand what is the core gameplay of this game
2. Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the game, combine it with the needs of the market and players, and display their own point of view
3. Give game optimization suggestions. At the same time when summing up the game, put forward more suitable operation strategies.
The answer is to answer your questions with the manager of mobile game operations, or can only talk about my views from my point of view. First, the significance of the evaluation.
The evaluation of access products is to evaluate the overall quality of the game, propose a rough direction of operation, and habitually assess the game's approximate life cycle value. Second, to whom to see the evaluation.
Absolutely not R&D team, only BOSS. This aspect of the evaluation is to allow the BOSS to have a sufficient understanding of the game in the least amount of time, and in your evaluation, your own core views must be clearly expressed.
Of course, my other evaluation here is the product business team. Your evaluation is to tell them if you think the products they have come to consider the operation, the reason is. Third, whether it is converted into workload.
Only the products that consider the access are the workload, and the products that do not access only need to do the basic evaluation.
Part of the workload, what program, ah, coordination, and evaluation did not matter much. Finally, the estimated data?
Based on a review of the estimated data? Your brother is really big. I can only say that it may take a long time to operate and there will be a rough estimate of the income of the game. But this is by no means an actual estimate. It is estimated that you should confirm the actual import expectation with every BOSS. Someone will give you KPI to estimate.
The last split line, there are micro-signals that like this comment can focus on: mobile chat. Discuss mobile game operation ha ~
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