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SSwitch version of "Doom 4" evaluation: good game, wait fo

2018-04-26 16:59 Source:6KGM.COM Edit:admin

Earlier this year, Bethesda announced that a number of third-party works will land on Nintendo's hybrid host Switch platform. These games include Doom, Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, and the latest German Headquarters: The New Colossus. Initially I doubted the performance of these works after they were ported to the Switch platform.
Will there be too many compromises after the transplant? Can the game maintain a certain level of picture quality while keeping the frame rate stable? Now that Doom 4 has been officially released, after actually confirming the hand, I discovered the game version of Switch. The performance is quite good. There is a sentence to say, this version of the transplant does have some shortcomings as expected. However, after comprehensive consideration, the Switch version of "Doom 4" performance is still very good, although not at all disadvantages. The game's stability, performance in terms of resolution, material, and frame rate are all very stable. The most powerful thing is that now Doom 4 has become a portable version, where to go where to play.
However, the most obvious drawback of this version is the depth of field. The problem of depth of field is caused by the fact that some monsters begin to blur when they are a little distant from the camera. After the game opened in the sandbox area and players gained more space, the problem became more apparent.

In my 10 hours of game time, the frame rate has remained stable. The frame rate of handheld mode and landline mode is very good, with only a slight drop in some areas. "Doom 4" is a game with fast-paced action elements that can control the frame rate so well. It really impresses me.
Doom 4 doesn't necessarily require Pro Controller handle support, but if you want to play comfortably, it's best to have one. I had the privilege of playing the game with the Pro Controller controller and I feel very good. With a handle like this there's no harm, though it's not cheap, but it's good value for money.
One of the bugs that I encountered during my entire game was the problem of the sound disappearing. Whether in portable mode or landline mode, all sound effects disappear randomly. Shocking rock music will stop playing, but the game will still run smoothly. However, the existence of this bug still makes people feel uncomfortable, and it is weird to suddenly stop playing music.

One of the questions I've been playing in the Switch version of Doom 4 has been repeated in my mind: Isn't it worthwhile playing Doom 4 in Switch's landline mode? Think about it, this game is for The compromise made on the Switch host operation is still very obvious: 60fps is not achieved, the material details are reduced, and the depth of field is not.
But this does not mean demeaning, this performance is still very good, and I also for the "Doom 4" can really land on the Switch host cheers, but in the PS4, Xbox One and PC version of the performance has been so outstanding, then Switch plane Does the model have any competitiveness? It depends on each player's own choice.
For $60, the Switch version of Doom 4 offers 10-12 hours of battle mode, multiplayer mode, and an arcade mode. This transplant version has a significant lack of features, that is, there is no SnapMap mode in which players can create multiplayer mode maps. This mode allows players to have endless game experience, so the lack of this part is somewhat disappointing.


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