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S"FIFA 18" PS4 Edition Experience: Subtle Innovation

2018-04-26 16:59 Source:6KGM.COM Edit:admin
The experience of the "FIFA 18" PS4, Xbox One and PC versions is exactly the same, and the EA Play site offers PS4 version of the demo.
There are two modes in the demo: one is a friendly match, and the other is the “Football Tour: Hunter’s Return” promoted at the press conference, which is the second season of the story mode in FIFA 17.
The friendly team's pilot team includes Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Bayern, Juventus, Chelsea, Grand Paris, Manchester United, Manchester City and Los Angeles Galaxy. This time we also met the United States Major League team Toronto FC. According to past rules, FC FC's home field will be added to FIFA 18.
During the trial, I met a Chinese guy who started a company in LA. When he saw me, he started playing with me. Our first feeling after the start of the game is exactly the same, that is, the speed of the game has been reduced as a whole. Whether it is the player's movement or the speed of the passing ball, it feels slower. This may be EA hopes that the game will be closer to the real game. A try.
At the same time, many of the players' actions, including stopping the ball, dribbling and passing, have changed. Comparing the actions that violated the law, or the less common actions on the court, the players' movements are more like real ones. This should also benefit from the new feature "real player motion capture" system in FIFA 18.
Another obvious change is the "training system", which is an operating assistance system that turns on and off by pressing the right joystick. The coaching system is no longer an unpleasant reminder word. All tips are indicated by a graphical UI. One of its most useful functions is that you can clearly see the direction in which you are going to pass the ball and when you pass the pass key. At that time, passing power was able to get the ball to the position.
In addition, I also saw two small details in the game: some confetti on the turf of the stadium. Ronaldo opened his mouth and yelled at his signature celebration. This was not in the previous FIFA game. of.
In the second quarter of the football trial mode, the story continues to tell the story of Alex Hunt. This time he will have the opportunity to leave the Premier League and join the top giant Real Madrid. When Hunter's agent mentioned this to him, he immediately expressed interest and said that "the dream of childhood was to join Real Madrid." In the background of the story, Real Madrid became the star of the game and also the jersey of Cristiano Ronaldo, the spokesperson for FIFA 18.
This time is still the story of the game in the selection of the dialogue plus the game, from the trial did not see too much change in this model. This time there was a dialogue before Hunter's play, and he would be behind Chelsea's 0-3 goal behind Manchester United. At this time, you can choose the multiplayer mode in addition to using the team or personally using Hunter. In other words, in FIFA 18's football mode, the game can be a local multiplayer game where your friends can work with you or against you. I ran Chelsea together with my compatriot brother, and in the end, I couldn't turn it on, but I still got Hunter to score a goal.
According to the new features provided on the official website, the innovation of FIFA 18 is not too numerous, and it mainly focuses on the improvement of the authenticity of the game. These contents should be added in the middle and later stages of game development. I don't see too many clues in play.
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