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S"Avalon" Game Evaluation Report

2018-04-26 16:59 Source:6KGM.COM Edit:admin
1 Development company introduction
Wemade Entertainment Co., Ltd., an online game development and service provider, is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, and was established on February 10, 2000. Entertainment Meide has developed several online games, of which the two most successful are the Legends 2, and its sequel to Legend 3. In March 2001, the Italian Digital Bros Company signed a contract for the release of Legend 2 in Europe. Until then, the legend has not yet gone abroad. In June, the company signed a contract with China Grand Corporation. Shanda acquired Actoz, a South Korean company that owns 40% of the entertainment company's shares (later Shanda M&A), and obtained agency rights in mainland China. The last contract was signed with Taiwan Smart Technology in August 2002, which means that the legend is operating in 4 places in the world. The company's games currently include "Legend 2", "Legend 3", "Heaven", "N.E.D", "NARSHA", etc.
2. Game Overview
Game Name: "Avalon" Game Type: Network Battle Chinese Name: Undecided
Operation progress: South Korea closed beta test on August 13, 2008 Developer: Amusement Meide Transportation Business: Not available
Hanfu official website:
3. Game evaluation:
3.1 Game Screen: 3.1.1 Static Scene:
The overall style: "Avalon" game screen is a realistic magic style, the overall color of the game is more unified, with a more reasonable, more delicate screen suitable for domestic users of the aesthetic needs. However, in the current situation of evaluation, the color difference of different scenes is relatively weak, which will weaken the user's partial sense of substitution and experience. Most of Avalon's picture details are excellent. It is much higher than Warcraft. However, the "Avalon" is not as tall as Warcraft because of the more details and color change. Users are prone to fatigue during the game and are prone to dizziness. The user-friendly design of the game scene is general. Such as the layout of some buildings (hotels, farmhouses, villages, towns, colleges, etc.) and the placement of various furniture (tables, chairs, benches, various wardrobes), various topography of grassy plants and small animals (in the sky of bird caves in the mouse pasture Sheep) etc. These designs can be associated with the overall background of the game, giving users a stronger sense of substitution.
"Avalon" is rich in scene elements, each terrain is very uniform in various terrain, giving the user a certain sense of introductory (such as the collapse of the broken angel statue in the dungeon pillars, etc.), but the shortcoming is the lack of performance The theme is that scene elements show no major or minor, and most of the objects are balanced. The current game scene is not rich enough: only the simple scenes of the forest plains and dungeons.
Game screen
Advantages: 1. The details of the scene are relatively outstanding, better than the main rival "Warcraft", the overall style is more suitable for Oriental use
Household aesthetics. (market)
2. The details of the scene are more real and increase the user's overall sense of substitution. (market)
3. Each scene's individual color matching is relatively reasonable, so that the user's overall perception of color is more comfortable. (user). 4. The elements of a single scene are relatively rich (dramatic part) and relatively complete, giving the user an overall experience. (User) 6. The design of the scene is more sensible than reality, and it is easy for the player to invest and substitute feelings. (user)
Suggestions: 1. The details of the scene are too trivial, and the color changes quickly. The user is prone to fatigue and has a feeling of dizziness. (user) 2. The difference in colors of different scenes is weak, which will weaken the user's partial sense of substitution and experience. (Users) 3. Each individual scene lacks the main performance object, which results in the lack of personalization of the overall scene. It is suggested that some major performance elements be added to the scene to improve the expressiveness of the overall scene. (user)
Comparison of similar games:
Legend: Game Screen Comparison
3.1.2 Dynamic Scene:
The dynamic effects of Avalon are as follows: 1. Flapping flags and burning torches 2. Scene magic effects 3. Water and dynamic architecture. There are several intents to design these dynamic scenes. The first is to increase the vividness of the overall scene. Sex does not make the scene look single board. The second is to highlight the characteristics of each scene, such as the cave with a dark and then a wildfire effect, you can render out the dread of this cave, giving the user an emotional experience. The third is iconic scenes. For example, these dynamic scenes mark certain specific scene locations and better guide players in playing games.
"Avalon" has an overall dynamic scene with general effects. The main use of these dynamic scenes is relatively small. In addition, the comparison with static scenes is awkward and does not increase the overall game effect.
The first is that it can be perfectly combined with static scenes, and it will not be very random and messy. The second is more humane. For example, when a player runs on the road, he sees flashing lights on both sides of the road.
Advantages: 1. Dynamic torch burning effect The flag flying effect and magic effect are more delicate and real. (user)
2. The dynamic scene compensates for the monotony of the static scene to a certain extent. These iconic dynamic scenes attract the attention of the user to alleviate the visual fatigue (users) of some users.
1. It is suggested that the design of dynamic scenes should be humanized, such as adding birds flying in the sky, flashing lights on the street, flying deer in the jungle, flying leaves in the air, etc. (user)
2. It is recommended to match the theme of some static scenes to better show the effect of the game and to deepen the user's experience of the scene. (Users) 3. Can guide users subconsciously, allowing users to accept and recognize this habit. For example, if a player does not have some small animals in other game scenarios, these emotional design users may have some slight rejection from the bottom of the heart. This is also from the design of these details to increase the overall viscosity of the game. (user)
4. A large number of these dynamic scene effects are currently used in relatively few, and most of them are auxiliary types, not as the main expression of the game. (user)
3.1.3 game interface:
Avalon Interface - Mode One
Avalon Interface - Mode 2
"Avalon" overall main menu interface style and the overall game style more collocation, and can be separated from the game screen has a sense of hierarchy, a variety of interface distribution is also more reasonable, a variety of interface menu function is relatively complete.
"Avalon" has a total of two major interface modes, each with two small selection modes. Users can choose according to their own habits.
Excellent: 1. Complete functions, most of the user's functional requirements can be satisfied. (user)
2. Interface mode allows players to choose four according to their needs, to meet the needs of different users. (user)
Suggestion: 1. The overall layout is still relatively messy. It is recommended to remove some of the less commonly used interface menus and integrate some functions.
Close together. (user)
2. It is recommended to integrate the interface mode switching function into the menu to give players more obvious tips. (User) 3. The player status display is too small and it is difficult for the user to clearly see the increase. (BUFF) (user)
4. When users select and view these interfaces, it is recommended to add some special effects and sound effects to increase game hints. (user)
3.1.4 game light effects:
Avalon Skill Effects
Avalon Skill Effects
"Avalon" Scene Lighting Effects
Skill effects:
Avalon's skill effects are generally gorgeous. The main highlights are the feelings of Western magic and swords. If you look at each skill effect separately, it will be very good, but if each skill is consistent, consistency is not. Well, most of the performance of the skills does not show the character's character, giving the player a specific sense of surrogacy. In addition, Avalon's skill performance effect lacks some humanized process performance. For example, the character releases the skill from the beginning - the skill is issued - the skill disappears - the overall process performance is not very clear. This kind of overall skills will be very thin compared to gorgeous. The effect of skills is not just to cast, but a process of performance and a demonstration of the effect of a spell is more of an individual's performance.
The skills of Avalon are not very effective, and they lack some more dynamic performance effects. For example, if the fireball impacts on the enemy, it will explode. The hail will hit the person's body with a frozen feeling. If it is a weapon, it will be cut on the body. There are bloodshot splatters and some scratches. This detailed design is recommended to add more to enhance the game's expressiveness.
Scene effects:
The scene effects of Avalon are primarily weather effects and magic effects. It is suggested that "Avalon" design different weather effects according to different scenarios, such as snowy snowfall, grassland rain, raindrops, and raindrops splashing on the ground, with the overall effect of sound effects can make travel
The play is more realistic and maximizes the enhancement of the detail experience.
Excellent: 1. The skill performance is more gorgeous than the "World of Warcraft" has a certain degree of impact, more suitable for some Chinese users. (market)
2. Each individual skill has a better performance. (user)
Suggestions: 1. It is suggested to increase the design connection and fluency between all the characters of each character, and then combine the character's personality to complete the whole
Performance. (user)
2. The special effect lacks some humanistic performances. For example, some BUFFs can be represented by the illusory effects of the ancient gods. (user)
3. Skills and special effects lack some people's sense of power and combat. Some of the skills are too thin and short-lived. And technology
The numerical effects of energy are not matched with the effects of the skill screen. Performance also lacks the rhythm of some details. (user)
4. The skill effect display should be slightly superior, some skill effects are too slow but the numerical effect is very small, another skill table
The force should be more soothing and compact. (user)
5. It is recommended to add some scene effects, such as weather effects, tree shaking effects, water wave effects, to mobilize the overall effect of the game.
3.2 Soundtrack sound effects:
3.2.1 background music:
"Avalon" has relatively good background music effects, and the overall music effect is rapid and compact, and some of them have great momentum. There are also some relatively compact flute and other light music. In addition, the music melody and rhythm of the game are relatively strong, which increases the overall sense of substitution of the game and enhances the emotional influx of game users.
3.2.2 sound effects:
The sound design of the game is relatively excellent, with the following types of sound effects. Warfare spell effects: sound effects of various weapons, sound effects cast by various skills Battle death sounds. The NPC clicks out various humanized languages ​​(human voices) such as mobile attacks and various sound effects of the game. This kind of user-friendly design greatly stimulates the user's sense of substitution. and many more
Excellent: 1. The game scene can be well matched with background music to improve the user's sense of substitution. (user)
2. The light music can relieve the user's game fatigue to a certain extent, and the tense music can mobilize the user's various emotions, such as tension and depression. (user)
3. The overall music of the game is ups and downs with great tension, allowing users to experience music with different characteristics and effects. (user)
4. Some humanized sound effects and environmental sound effects of NPCs and monsters greatly increase the user experience. (user)
5. The sound effects of the entire world are more complete and truthful, and there are not too many defects. (user)
3.3 Operational:
3.3.1 Basic operation:
The operation of the game is basically a mouse operation and then + skill item shortcut mode (mouse can also click), basically and "Warcraft
The operating mode of PA is the same. Very versatile design, users can easily get started.
3.4 Item props:
3.4.1 Equipment Props
The game character equipment can be equipped with a total of 8 pieces of equipment, or carry 8 item props.
Equipment Props Type: Equipment Weapons Restoration props Reinforce props Materials. Players can use these equipment props to synthesize stronger
Big equipment. There is no limit to the character's occupation, but the game will recommend player synthesis and equipment. But each hero has different equipment and props to match.
Excellent: 1. Equipment designed with semi-professional restrictions is not a fully open and fixed death device that must correspond to equipment, so that the overall difficulty of the game is reduced, and users have some free space for equipment and career development. (user)
2. The difficulty of the player's compositing equipment is relatively low, so that the player can also have a good experience and get started. (user)
3. All kinds of equipment information tips are more obvious, to facilitate the player to operate the game. (user)
Suggestions: 1. Increase the functionality of the game equipment, such as the equipment that can be treated (the equipment is not a consumable) can be hidden equipment, etc. This can increase the fun of the game, and the uncontrollability of direct confrontation with the profession.
2. It is advisable to add some AVTAR systems to the equipment system. For example, weapons with Ray attributes can bring some appearance changes to the player's weapon appearance.
3. The synthesis of equipment has always been too simple, it is recommended that advanced equipment should increase the point of synthesis of the gameplay, such as killing the other player to obtain the other player's blood for synthesis, you can collect to kill the wild monsters for synthesis, etc., in order to increase the fun of the game And overall interactivity.
3.5 Role System:
3.5.1 professional modeling
There are many occupations in Avalon, a total of 2 camps, each camp has different characters, different characters have different skills and attributes tend to give players choice. The main distinguishing type, each player initially has 4 skills to use, the latter will open to the player 2 skills as the player grows.
Warrior Type | Mage Type | Agility Type | Comprehensive Type |
Both sides choose one
Both sides choose two
Excellent: 1. Users can choose skills to increase the fun and variability of each single-person career. (user)
2. Avalon career growth is very easy, so players can quickly experience different occupations, players can enjoy the fun of professional games in the confrontation.
Suggestions: 1. Because the viscosity of the game is relatively low, it is recommended to add more occupations to increase the game's playability.
2. It is recommended to add different types of combat methods to the game, such as using the skill consumption type. The following types are for reference:
Magic class (slow recovery, high limit)
Energy class (fast recovery, very small cap)
Gathering (requires players to manually store energy and then consume it automatically)
Conditional class (need to consume specific item props)
This design player has a wide range of choices, and the user's professional battle experience is also more
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