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There is no doubt that developers are always innovators, and mobile game publishers are also working with them. The task of accepting substantial investment and success in a market with 2 million apps allows any publisher wishing to survive to mercilessly abandon all but the most promising mobile games.
For developers, the attention of busy mobile game publishers means recognition. Thinking like a publisher does not require large teams to analyze profitability strategies and market appeal in a matter of days; instead, it means asking the right questions, which is to ask the publisher about the new game.
So, what problems do publishers throw?
Question 1: Can this mobile game profit?
For developers, profit-first thinking is often considered too crude. However, when the publisher refuses a game with a low probability of profit, his eyes will not blink. Developers can benefit from their game prototypes.
Paid games are usually easier to assess: you only need to know the price and estimated sales amount to predict the potential of the game. However, most publishers prefer free-to-play games, which are more concerned with forecasting conversion rates, average spend, and player life-cycle value. To reduce guesswork as much as possible, publishers look for profitable models for existing games, rather than trusting unique or untested models.
Pamel Davis of PlayPlayFun mentioned that their recently released combat strategy game had reached the front page of the App Store. "We believe that the profit model of "Rising Warriors" is effective because it is within the app of other highly successful top-selling games. The purchase method is very similar."
Question 2: Can games play a role in the market?
Publishers want developers to understand the target audience. When you can't actually understand the player's behavior after the game is released, there are two effective positioning methods to help developers predict.
First, compare other similar games. Investigate 3-5 games of the same type and imagine their player behavior: What other games will players download? Where will they be dissatisfied? Second, from the above comparison information, make a positioning statement to extract the unique selling points of the game. The format is usually written as follows: “Company” is “category” that helps “primary players” to obtain “primary benefits”, not other “ Category, company (or product or person), "primary difference."
When applied to games such as MZ's "Game of War," it may be possible to write: "Game of War" is a MMO tactical mobile game that can help Chinese nuclear and hardcore strategy players achieve higher levels of achievement. Unlike other MMO tactical mobile games, Game of War allows all players to be on one server and become specialized large guilds and PvP.
Although the actual positioning statement of "Game of War" may be completely different, the goal is the same, that is to make developers and publishers converge on the idea of ​​the game's position in the market. The same is true for other positioning statements.
Question 3: Is the game interesting?
Although publishers are very concerned about funding and marketing, most people were formerly game developers, so they also care about whether the game is fun. Also, a publisher may be more concerned with how developers measure "interesting" than developers. For example, many publishers will judge through the loyalty of gamers.
Miikka Luotio, Flaregames's relationship relations manager, said: "Funny is when I first play a game, it doesn't matter how hard I try and I can't stop it."
Mobile game publishers are also looking for games that are both niche and appealing to the general public. Luotio said Flaregames' recent big move is to mix the niche incremental game mechanics with the popular RPG look and feel. "This is part of the charisma of "Nonstop Knight," which not only arouses the resonance of target groups - fans of action RPG fanatics, but also has a wide appeal to the public."
PlayPlayFun also found the same highlights in Rising Warriors. The game also has a lively, appealing look and blends strategic elements. Davis said: "Even if there is no established fan base, we also know that this game will definitely attract players. It is too attractive for casual and hardcore strategy players."
Question 4: Does the game, platform, publisher match overall?
"Match" stands for many, but for publishers, "matching" means platform and publisher themselves.
Platform matching has a huge impact on player experience. The final design of a game should perfectly match the user's device. For example, if the game is highly dependent on accurate, real-time feedback and timing, then the survey will have too inaccurate touch-screen results, which is due to the lack of feedback. In the same way, the platform must also match the publisher. A little research by developers can save time for themselves and publishers. Luke Burtis, co-founder of TinyBuild, a multi-platform publisher, said: "We have a large number of submitted games that are not adopted because the platform is our third most important factor."
These steps seem simple, but in fact many developers never think of their own games from a commercial perspective. It requires creativity and good business sense to be able to win in the hands of the game. In the months or years before the game is market-oriented, learning to think like a publisher can save time and money.
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