How to Trade FIFA Coins?

Since EA did the adjustment of price range of player cards, you can't use lower quality players to deliver the amount of fut coins, so we have to do a bit change of delivery。

Here are two main method to deliver coins:

1. Trade by Player Auction

Step1: Select a player whose maximum price equal or over the amount you want to purchase, list him in the market. And if you want to list multiple players,just click "add player"。

Step2: Set the Duration for 3 days, Set a special start price and set the buynow price as we request, for multiple players, please make sure all players you listed with same special start price and duration.

Step3: Type the player information we requested.

We will buy your player after we check the information you offered are all correct, if there is some wrong with your order, we will send your an email,  please keep an eye on your email if you haven't get the coins over half an hour.

2. Trade by Comfort Trade

If you still don't know how to trade by player auction, try this deliver method. In this way, you can skip the complicated trading process, our team will deliver the fut coins to your account directly, and you will get the exact amount which your order placed for, we cover the 5% ea tax. Most order will be completed within 30 mins.

Any questions about how to order fifa coins please feel free to contact us via livechat or email.